There are three types of the Concept of Five, each having a pattern of five words, and each relating in some way to the five senses. The clue to identifying the five pattern, of course, is the five words, be they verbs, nouns, adjectives. The first type was discussed in my previous blog, Concept of Five and Treatment, showing the necessity of reversing the negative words and making a metaphysical sentence or paragraph into a Science (CS) treatment.  Treatments are given to a specific individual who has requested this help. It would be unethical to treat someone without his permission.

The second type of Concept of Five is about *correcting thought and is more general than CS treatment. No specific individual is being addressed because no treatment has been requested, yet there is a problem or error that needs to be addressed and/or challenged. Correcting thought purifies one’s own thought, enabling one to pray effectively with healing results. It is working from the standpoint of the spiritually perfect and complete idea man. The reader may have learned this process as: knowing the truth, aligning thought with God, beginning with God, or reasoning out from Cause/God. These all fall under the topic of correcting thought which must be done before any CS or metaphysical treatment is given.



“Jesus beheld in Science the perfect man, who appeared to him where sinning mortal man appears to mortals. In this perfect man the Saviour saw God’s own likeness, and this correct view of man healed the sick.” SH 476:32-4

> Spiritually correct reasoning based on God’s laws of omnipotence, omniscience, omnipresence, and Omni-action.

> Thought that holds to the spiritual idea of man as already at the point of perfection, whole and complete.

> A consciousness so filled with spiritual sense that only good is seen or beheld where material sense (the five senses) would attempt to declare good’s opposite.

> Corrective thought is positive thought.

> *Corrective thought addresses no specific individual or patient, but focuses on man generally, using terms as “us,” “we,” or “man.”

> Corrective thought also heals!

*This concept of correcting thought may be new to some, as well as its application with metaphysical citations.

Mrs. Eddy affirms the healing effectiveness of corrective prayer when she writes:

Holding the right idea of man in my mind, I can improve my own, and other people’s individuality, health, and morals; whereas, the opposite image of man, a sinner, kept constantly in mind, can no more improve health or morals, than holding in thought the form of a boa-constrictor can aid an artist in painting a landscape.” (Mis. 61:30)

Notice her use of “man” in her explanation. This man is the spiritual idea—perfect and complete. The SCA has distilled the essence of this sentence into the Law of Dwelling which succinctly states: That which one dwells on most, grows. This law is a reminder to think correctly, watch thought, maintain a healing consciousness.



It is always the thought of the healer that has to be corrected first, otherwise, he is accepting the same error that is to be healed. In essence, he is thinking (even knowing!) it is real while trying to cure it. Mrs. Eddy calls this quackery. One cannot believe in a disease or problem as real and at the same time heal it. (SH 395:21)

‘‘When one’s false belief is corrected, Truth sends a report of health over the body.“ (SH 194:8-9)

 A notable difference with this second type of Concept of Five (C-5) is that all or most of the words are POSITIVE. They are more likely to be found in metaphysical or spiritual sentences.         

          Pattern of five words

          Positive words

          Metaphysical or Spiritual sentence

To illustrate, one can see in the following sentence from Science and Health (SH) that there are five verbs numbered in red.

Example 1

The starting-point of divine Science 1 is that God, Spirit, 2 is All-in-all, and that there 3 is no other might nor Mind, — that God 4 is Love, and therefore He 5 is divine Principle. (SH 275:6) S       

Why do we count the verbs first? Verbs are action words and with the SCA, many verbs represent Omni-action—which is God’s activity. God is all-active. In this sentence, there are five IS verbs, making this an obvious Concept of Five.

What does the five relate to? To be repetitive, the five material senses. Our textbook, Science and Health, is addressing them in a powerful, positive way, declaring truths about God. (Spirit is positive 173: 13; 126: 9-14; 173: 14-16)  From another perspective, this is Christian Science at work, destroying with Truth the false sense evidence of error. The senses would deny God exists because they cannot see or know God. Example 1 refutes those claims by declaring God IS, and by including five different underlined names or synonyms for Him. Is there anything to reverse or correct in this illustration? No! This is why we call this the positive Concept of Five. Rather than pointing out error (which we would reverse), this example shows how to rise above the claims of the five senses (without even mentioning them) by going to God, the absolute.

Where did Jesus begin his Lord’s Prayer? Our Father. Our is a collective pronoun meaning all of us. While we pray this audibly in our CS churches, it is benefitting everyone. Acknowledging God is the best place to start one’s prayer,



Example 2

The divine completeness

“Divine metaphysics, as 1 revealed to spiritual understanding, 2 shows clearly that all 3 is Mind, and that Mind 4 is God, omnipotence, omnipresence, omniscience, — that 5 is, all power, all presence, all Science.”  (SH 275:19) S

In this second Concept of Five citation (five positive verbs numbered in red), the five senses are refuted by the presence of five names or synonyms for God (underlined): Mind, God, omnipotence, omnipresence, omniscience. What the SCA reveals in this citation is that divine metaphysics transcends the five senses by revealing the Omni-action of God.

Again, going to the absolute in thought is the perfect way to dismiss false evidence. As a graphic illustration: lifting consciousness to the purifying presence of Spirit can be likened to plunging tarnished silverware into a hot, foil-lined bath of dissolved washing soda; while soaking, the tarnish vanishes, leaving the silver gleaming. The laws of chemistry function beautifully without any rubbing or scrubbing by human hands. Deciphering the analogy:

       The silver is thought darkened by the senses.

       The tarnish is error believed, even promoted, by the senses.

       The cleansing bath is like the baptism of Spirit. (241:27)

       The law of omni-active Principle is the scientific cleanser.

Looking at our second sample, is there anything to correct? Absolutely nothing; only lots of good truths to affirm and know when one’s own thought needs correcting. When one sees, hears, reads about error, disease etc., this would be a good citation to work with, pray with. Holding thought to Truth silences the senses. It also prepares thought when false suggestions sneak into unwatchful thinking.



Example 3                    

Effective triumph

“Jesus 1 taught (C) the way (CESS) of Life by demonstration, that we 2 may understand (E) how this divine Principle 3 heals the sick, 4 casts out error, and 5 triumphs over death.” (25:13–19, 31)  

The SCA reveals here that Jesus‘ teaching as Cause (C) results in our understanding (Effect or E). As we follow him, we can do the same. He expected no less (John 14:12). In the SCA, “the way“ is translated as the Constant Exercise of Spiritual Sense (CESS) because it takes this constant exercise to follow his path as our way-shower. Using this sentence for a thought corrective prayer is easy because the impersonal “we“ is already included and there is no specific person being treated, no patient.

Corrective Prayer: Following Jesus’ teachings and demonstrations, and actively applying the constant exercise of spiritual sense, we can heal the sick, cast out error, and triumph over death.



Example 4

Superiority to sickness and sin

1 To fear sin 2 is 3 to misunderstand the power of Love and the divine Science of being in man’s relation to God, — 4 to doubt His government and 5 distrust His omnipotent care.” (SH 231:21-25) M

Man is the impersonal subject of the C-5 citation in illustration 4. And there are some negatives that need to be reversed.

       Fear becomes love.

       Misunderstand becomes understand, a quality of Love.

       To doubt becomes to believe.

       Distrust becomes trust, a quality of Love.

Applying the wisdom of the introductory sentence, replacing the pronouns “yourself” and you“ with the collective we, and reversing the negatives, we can pray impersonally. Collective prayer is corrective prayer.

 Corrective Prayer: We (let us) love in the face of sin (because love destroys sin). We (let us) understand the power of Love. We (let us) comprehend our relation to God in the divine Science of being. We (let us) believe in His government and trust His omnipotent care.

What is the SCA revealing in example 4? Love subdues the testimony of the five senses.



Because this correcting type of the Concept of Five involves no specific individual, this can be used in unique ways. Prayer in our churches, for instance; correcting our own thought about a situation near to us or on the other side of the world. The question about prayer and ethics is resolved with this kind of prayer, because it doesn’t invade the thought of someone. The prayer remains in the consciousness of the one praying, yet healing can result.

As Mrs. Eddy directed, prayers in churches are for the congregations collectively and exclusively. (Man. 42:1)

Example 5

“It 1 shall be the duty of every member of this Church 2 to defend himself daily against aggressive mental suggestion, and not 3 be made 4 to forget nor 5 to neglect his duty to God, to his Leader, and to mankind.” (Man. 42:4-8) M

This is an effective prayer to use in church during silent prayer. As we are to pray only for the congregation at this time, changing “himself” to “us” will make this impersonal. This is a wonderful way of following Jesus‘ command to love our neighbor!  Here is one way of applying it as a corrective prayer:  

Let us (or, we are) defend(ing) ourselves daily against aggressive mental suggestion, and let us(or, we are) remember(ing) to obey God, follow our Leader through her writings, and love mankind.

Studying this prayer, the three points at the end (God, Leader, mankind) present clear ways to defend ourselves from a.m. Obeying God constantly, following Mrs. Eddy through her writings, and loving others (the Golden Rule in action) cover everything we need to do!

Even Jesus had to deal with the taunts of the five senses and overcome them. No one has been more successful than he! In the 6th example below, Mrs. Eddy recognizes his struggle with the human sense of things as indicated in the first part of the paragraph. Yet, it is the second part we are focusing on. Here is a positive statement affirming the blessings of spiritually understanding Love. Wouldn’t this make another great prayer to use in church!

Example 6

The holy struggle

“When the human element in him 1 struggled with the divine, our great Teacher said: “Not my will, but Thine, 2 be done!” — that 3 is, 4 Let not the flesh, but the Spirit, 5 be represented in me. This is the new understanding of spiritual Love. It gives all for Christ, or Truth. It (Spiritual Love) 1 blesses its enemies, 2 heals the sick, 3 casts out error, 4 raises the dead from trespasses and sins, and 5 preaches the gospel to the poor, the meek in heart.” (SH 33:18) M

Once more, the underlying message is that understanding spiritual Love subdues the five senses. Focusing on the last sentence in this paragraph, a corrective prayer might go like this:  

Let us bless our enemies by reflecting and living spiritual Love. Let us heal the sick, cast out error, raise those who are dead in trespasses and sin, and preach the gospel to the poor or meek in thought, with our demonstrating Love.

Also is this powerful affirmation of silent prayer’s effectiveness:

“The “still, small voice” of scientific thought reaches over continent and ocean to the globe’s remotest bound. The inaudible voice of Truth is, to the human mind, “as when a lion roareth.” It is heard in the desert and in dark places of fear. It arouses the “seven thunders” of evil, and stirs their latent forces to utter the full diapason of secret tones. Then is the power of Truth demonstrated, — made manifest in the destruction of error.” (SH 559:8-16)

One final reference to apply as corrective five prayer:

Example 7

Healthful explanation

1 Keep distinctly in thought that (spiritual) man 2 is the offspring of God, not of (material) man; that man 3 is spiritual, not material; that Soul 4 is Spirit, outside of matter, never in it, never 5 giving the body life and sensation. (SH 396:26-30).  M

Let us keep distinctly in thought (or, we know) that the spiritual man is (we are) the offspring of God, not of material man; that man is (we are) spiritual, not material; that Soul is Spirit, outside of the belief of matter or body; therefore, man is (we are) bodiless, sensationless being.

This can be a well-used to correct thought when we hear or watch a negative situation on the news!



Throughout SH there are many metaphysical statements that can be used for both treatments and thought correctors. What is unique to this Concept of Five, however, is the facing down of the five senses. These material senses are bad actors. MBE has nothing good to say about them. When we rely on them, we invite error into our home, our consciousness. We see it, hear it, believe it (through material reasoning) … and then we have work to do (through spiritual sense) to disbelieve it and heal the harm caused by accepting what we see, hear etc. These Concept of Five citations remind us to stay with spiritual sense! Here are just some of the reasons against accepting what the five senses claim:

They interfere with praying rightly. (15:14-18)

They shut out Truth and its healing power. (38:30)

They cannot discern delusion from reality. (70:2-5)

Their testimony leads to disease. (120:25)

They cannot see God. (139:4 – marginal heading)

They are non-intelligent. (214:10-12)

They are enslaving. (227:3-7)

They relate to birth and death. (265:16-20)

They cannot cognize God or Truth. (273:3-4)

They are deceptive. (274:12 – marginal heading)

They are instruments of error and correspond with error. (293:32)

They are the only source of evil and error. (489:24)  



Concept of Five citations presented in the previous blog  were primarily handling animal magnetism and its suggestions. These citations were reworked and used as treatments. Here is one example from that blog:  

Superiority to sickness and sin

“To hold yourself superior to sickness and death is equally wise, and is in accordance with divine Science. 1 To fear them (sickness and death) 2 is impossible, when you fully 3 apprehend God and 4 know that they 5 are no part of His creation.” (SH 231:27) M

Treatment for handling the suggestion of sickness and death: I am wisely holding myself to be superior to the beliefs of sickness and death because this is in accordance with divine Science. Because I apprehend God and know that sickness and death are no part of His creation, I cannot fear them.

This treatment can be rewritten as a thought-correcting prayer:

Let us (or, we) wisely hold ourselves to be superior to the beliefs of sickness and death because this is in accordance with divine Science. Let us (or, we) apprehend God and know that sickness and death are not part of His creation; we cannot fear them.



Science and Health is filled with metaphysical passages that can be used for treatments and correcting prayers. But only those citations which include the pattern of five actually refer to or refute the five senses in some way. The fun and benefit is to let spiritual inspiration reveal how.

For those who would like to practice this method of corrective prayer, take one or more treatments (in green font) from the blog and work them into thought corrections. Use them in church during silent prayer. What are your favorite prayers to offer in church? 

Just imagine what the result would be when every member prays for their congregation this way. Thought so united with the Christ-consciousness through impersonal prayer can do wonders as it did on the day of Pentecost (Acts 2).


As I have been studying and applying these spiritual number concepts to understand more clearly our Pastor, Science and Health specifically, there has been a noticeable shift in my thought which can be felt. Looking at specific kinds of sentences to see how they can be worked into treatments or thought corrections is new to me. 

Over the years, I have found passages to use in praying for specific cases.   But what the SCA points out expands these findings at a rapid rate, including the distinction of CS treatments from impersonal thought corrections.  This adds more depth and value, especially to Science and Health.  It is becoming a well-used textbook!


Helpful references from the SCA Compiler regarding correcting thought:

A correct view of Christian Science and of its adaptation to healing includes vastly more than is at first seen.  SH 116:11-12

We apprehend Life in divine Science only as we live above corporeal sense and correct it SH 167:6-7

Instead of furnishing thought with fear, they should try to correct this turbulent element of mortal mind by the influence of divine Love which casteth out fear.  SH 180:21

When one’s false belief is corrected, Truth sends a report of health over the body.  SH 194:8

This Mind does not make mistakes and subsequently correct themSH 206:29-30

Ignorance, like intentional wrong, is not Science. Ignorance must be seen and corrected before we can attain harmony.  SH 251:28-30

As mortals gain more correct views of God and man, multitudinous objects of creation, which before were invisible, will become visible.  SH 264:13-15

To material sense, the unreal is the real until this sense is corrected by Christian Science.  SH 298:10

A human perception of divine Science, however limited, must be correct in order to be Science and subject to demonstration.  SH 361:23-25

Correct material belief by spiritual understanding, and Spirit will form you anew.  SH 425:24-26

Jesus beheld in Science the perfect man, who appeared to him where sinning mortal man appears to mortals. In this perfect man the Saviour saw God’s own likeness, and this correct view of man healed the sick.  SH 476:32-4

We know that a statement proved to be good must be correctSH 492:12-13

Reason, rightly directed, serves to correct the errors of corporeal sense; but sin, sickness, and death will seem real (even as the experiences of the sleeping dream seem real) until the Science of man’s eternal harmony breaks their illusion with the unbroken reality of scientific being.  SH 494:19

Again, without a correct sense of its highest visible idea, we can never understand the divine Principle.  SH 560:17-19





NEXT BLOG: Concept of Five and Steps  




One recognizes the Concept of Five by the pattern of five words in a citation: five verbs, five nouns, five adjectives, or five phrases. Five corresponds to the five material senses, seeing, hearing, smelling, tasting, touching, − the portal through which all error seemingly enters. Both the KJV Bible and Mrs. Eddy incorporate this pattern when the text is addressing, either overtly or covertly, the belief of the material senses.

There are three types of the Concept of Five:

       1. The Negative Pattern of Five 

       2. The Positive Pattern of Five

       3. The Pattern of Five Steps

This blog discusses only the Negative Patterns of Five and shows how to use them as treatments in healing.



Why do the five senses need to be given our attention? A search in Concord will quickly reveal the answer. Mrs. Eddy has nothing good to say about them! She refers to them as:

        Opacity of the senses (Marginal heading – 117:24) 

       “the five senses, − the flesh that warreth against Spirit.” (200:22)

       Five senses deceptive (Marginal heading – 274:12) 

       Instruments of error (Marginal heading – 293:32)

       Progeny cursed  (Marginal heading)   “All human knowledge and material sense must be gained from the five corporeal senses. Is this knowledge safe, when eating its first fruits brought death?” (532:5-8)

       Dwelling in dreamland  (Marginal heading) “In divine Science, the material man is shut out from the presence of God. The five corporeal senses cannot take cognizance of Spirit.” (543:8-10)



Here are a few short examples to illustrate this new concept. Red numbers have been inserted to show the count.

The count is in the adjectives: “And great multitudes came unto him, having with them those that were 1 lame, 2 blind, 3 dumb, 4 maimed, and 5 many others, and cast them down at Jesus’ feet; and he healed them:”   M (Matt. 15:30)

The count is in the nouns: The 1 blood, 2 heart, 3 lungs, 4 brain, 5 etc., have nothing to do with Life, God.” S (SH 151: 18-19)  

The count is in the verbs: Under the mesmeric illusion of belief, a man 1 will think that he 2 is freezing when he 3 is warm, and that he 4 is swimming when he 5 is on dry land.” RH (SH 490:31-1)



There is only one purpose for the Concept of Five as it relates to healing: to expose and handle animal magnetism (a.m.). Instead of handling a.m., one could say treating (a synonym of handling) or applying treatment. In Christian Science, we give a metaphysical treatment in order to eliminate error. Ignoring error is condoning, and is antithetical to Christian Science.

The Concept of Five presented in this blog is singular in purpose, to handle or TREAT the false, negative suggestions and evidences of the five senses that constantly confront us: animal magnetism (a.m.), error, evil, material body, mortal mind, for it is only through those senses that a.m. in all its disguises seems real to us, and we through these senses give it the only reality it seems to have. The definition of Knowledge in the Glossary details the errors exposed by this Concept of Five:

Evidence obtained from the five corporeal senses; 1 mortality; 2 beliefs and opinions; 3 human theories, 4 doctrines, 5 hypotheses; that which is not divine and is the origin of sin, sickness, and death; the opposite of spiritual Truth and understanding.” (590:4)



In this blog, we will focus on handling or treating animal magnetism by using certain passages in SH which can be turned into metaphysical treatments. As in the previous blogs, we learn that specific patterns in sentences mean specific things. The Concept of Five is no different. Five in this blog represents the negative side of the 5 senses. Mrs. Eddy incorporates patterns of five words which correspond to the five senses: hearing, seeing, smelling, tasting, touching. Why five? It is only through the five material senses that error is able to make an appearance. It is only through these five senses that we have any knowledge of or experience with error, evil, problems of any sort, in the first place.  

In Gen 1:26, (Take One, the Only Take, because God got it right “in the beginning” of Gen 1:1, the only), God gives man dominion over five specific elements: fish, fowl, cattle, earth, creeping things. Spiritually, these symbolize ideas. Viewed materially, they represent the five senses, yet man still holds dominion over them. Dominion is God’s first gift to man and His divine law governing man. Gen. 2 has hypnotized mankind with the erroneous myth of the “mist” (a huge Mist-Take) coming from the earth which would replace dominion man with the dust man Adam (or mud man, since the earth was thoroughly watered by the mist). Relying on the five senses mystifies and dulls one’s view of reality. This view needs a fresh Re-Take through the mental camera of Spirit.



One’s view and understanding of what God is determines to a great degree one’s thinking, one’s actions, one’s experience, one’s ability to overcome adversity, and one’s success. Thought precedes action! The definition of Lord God in the Glossary (590:20-4) indicates what went wrong after Genesis, Chapter One through the first three verses in Chapter Two in which God is Elohim. The chapters that follow show a view of man and the world as seen through the mist of the material senses ruled by the Lord God or Jehovah who makes plenty of mistakes (mist-takes!). It is the material senses that would have us believe this fickle, changeable, vengeful god to be God. Only through spiritual sense can we see and understand the one God, Good, who is omnipotent, omniscient, omnipresent, omni-active.

Applying the Concept of Five brings back the light of Truth by which we can demonstrate our dominion.  



God’s Law overcoming the evidence of the five senses.

1. Concept of five is consistently found in a five-word-pattern citation.

2. This concept, relating to treatment, always refers to the negative side of the five material senses, and requires us to refute, reverse, exchange and overcome them. (SH 123:12; 269:14; 531:10)

3. The sentences with this concept always have negative words in them that do not reflect God or His creation. It is these words that need to be reversed. (SH 173:13 only; 418:20-21)



Let’s begin with a passage that is very familiar to most students of CS, the scientific statement of being. (The red numbers have been added beside the bold verbs indicating the pattern of five.) The first line reads,

“There is no 1 life, 2 truth, 3 intelligence, nor 4 substance in 5 matter.” R (SH 468:9-10)

The five words forming the pattern are in bold font. One can reword this as no material life, material truth, material intelligence, material substance, material body. The underlined words are on the material or relative plain of thought. Each is false and negative.

Part of this Concept of Five is to refute its claim, to mentally, actively reverse and replace by the Rule of Exchange.

The SCA gives names and labels to principles taught in SH. The Rule or Law of Exchange is the title given to the practice of replacing error with Truth. This law or rule, depending on whether the sentence is metaphysical or spiritual, finds its basis on page 123:12 under the Marginal heading “Seeming and being”:

“Divine Science, rising above physical theories, excludes matter, resolves things into thoughts, and replaces the objects of material sense with spiritual ideas.”

Applying the Rule of Exchange to the first line of the scientific statement of being:

material life becomes (→) Life

material truth Truth

material substance Love

material intelligence Mind

material body or matter Spirit 

In spiritual reality, there are no five material senses. There is only God, Spirit and spiritual sense. Jesus did not accept, see, or perceive through the five senses, but utilized only one sense: the spiritual sense of things. (476:31) In the definition of God in the Glossary of SH, Mrs. Eddy writes the truth about the Concept of Five when she describes God this way: “all-knowing, all-seeing, all-acting, all-wise, all loving.” Building on the previous diagram, we have the definitive solution to the false claims of the 5 senses.

material life becomes (→) Life = all-acting

material truth Truth = all-wise

material substance Love = all loving

material intelligence Mind = all-knowing

material body = matter Soul = all-seeing


It is important to remind the reader that the Concept of Five in this blog represents the negative side of the 5 senses. The 5 All’s in the definition of God, “the all-knowing, all-seeing, all-acting, all-wise, all-loving, (587:5-6)represent the true sense of five, the counterpart to the material senses.

How do these five all-descriptions relate to the five senses?

All-knowing is hearing.

All-seeing is seeing.

All-acting is tasting, imbibing.

All-wise is smelling.

All-loving is touching.



Mrs. Eddy has provided many metaphysical statements in the textbook for us to use for treatment. (Please review Four Kinds of Sentences  – click on blue link). The ones provided here as samples specifically address the false claims or suggestions of the five senses. And, of course, the Concept of Five is found within these sentences in its five-word pattern. We can use these to write treatments for ourselves or a patient when the citation is mostly a metaphysical one. To be accurate, it is best that the wording closely follows Mrs. Eddy’s words. However, one can embellish and add more detail as inspiration leads.

Often, the sentence preceding the sample citation has been included to give a more complete sense to the whole passage. The marginal headings (in bold, dark blue) are included, as well, because they add to the fullness of the meaning.


     1. Unnecessary *prostration (*mental falling, depressed thought)

Suffer no claim of sin or of sickness to grow upon the thought. M  1 Dismiss it with an abiding conviction that it 2 is illegitimate, because you 3 know that God 4 is no more the author of sickness than He 5 is of sin. You 1 have no law of His 2 to support the necessity either of sin or sick‐ ness, but you 3 have divine authority for 4 denying that neces‐ sity and 5 healing the sick. M (SH 390:20)

Reverse the negatives:

Suffer → allow (only goodness and wholeness)

Claim → assert or maintain (goodness and wholeness)

Sin → goodness

Sickness → wholeness

Treatment for handling sickness or sin: I will allow only goodness and wholeness to grow in thought. I will admit with an abiding conviction only the legitimate truth because I know God is the author of wholeness/health and goodness. I have His Law to support goodness and health, His divine authority for affirming Truth by healing.


In this next example, the nouns are bold teal, and the verbs (two sets) are in bold black.

     2. Guarding the door

When the condition is present which you say induces disease, whether it be 1 air, 2 exercise, 3 heredity, 4 contagion, or 5 accident, then perform your office as porter and shut out these unhealthy thoughts and fears. Exclude from mortal mind the offending errors; then the body cannot suffer from them. The issues of pain or pleasure 1 must come through mind, and like a watchman 2 forsaking his post, we 3 admit the intruding belief, 4 forgetting that through divine help we 5 can forbid this entrance. M (SH 392:27)

Reverse the negatives:

Disease → soundness

Air atmosphere of Truth

Exercise → Mind is the source of all movement

Heredity → Spirit is the source of my being. (SH 63:9)

Contagion Metaphysical prophylactics (SH 369:23-26)

Unhealthy thoughts → Healthy thoughts (Mis 252:12-14) (SH 414:7-14)

Mortal mind → one Mind

Fears → calm, love, harmony, peace

Pain → well-being

Pleasure → bliss, contentment

Treatment for belief, claim or suggestion of dis-ease: I will perform my office as porter of thought and shut out the false claims of air, exercise, heredity, contagion and accident by exchanging them for affirming the presence of the atmosphere of Truth, knowing that Mind is the source of all movement, that Spirit is the source of my being, that there is only one Mind, and Love replaces fear with calm, love, harmony, peace. Affirming Mind is my Mind excludes all error, precludes suffering, and affirms Truth and Love. As a watchmen, I am on guard at my post of thought, admitting only Life, Truth, and Love which fill my consciousness.


     3. Superiority to sickness and sin

To hold yourself superior to sin, because God made you superior to it and governs man, is true wisdom.  1 To fear sin is  3 to misunderstand the power of Love and the divine Science of being in man’s relation to God, — 4 to doubt His government and 5 distrust His omnipotent care. M (SH 231:21-25)

Treatment for wisdom over sin: I hold myself superior to sin because God made me so. Therefore, I will not fear sin, but will understand the power of Love and divine Science (divine laws of Life, Truth, Love). And Love eliminates fear. I understand that sin in any form is nothing. Divine Science declares my oneness with God who governs and protects me forever. I will not fear, but have confidence and trust in His government and omnipotent care.

 The benefit of doing these exchanging exercises by applying the Rule of Exchange is to be so familiar and practised in this work that we do it effortlessly and immediately when faced with a challenge. Eventually, we will go into exchange/replace mode automatically before ever wondering what we should do. We will know what to do and will do it. Although these treatments have been written as self-treatments, using the personal I, a patient’s name can be inserted instead.  


     4. Superiority to sickness and sin

“To hold yourself superior to sickness and death is equally wise, and is in accordance with divine Science. 1 To fear them (sickness and death) 2 is impossible, when you fully 3 apprehend God and 4 know that they 5 are no part of His creation.” M (SH 231:27)

Treatment for handling the suggestion of sickness and death: I am wisely holding myself to be superior to the beliefs of sickness and death because this is in accordance with divine Science. Because I apprehend God and know that sickness and death are not part of His creation, I cannot fear them. 

Leaving sickness, death and fear to stand as written is not handling error as error. These nothings must be reversed and replaced by their opposite even while one reads the citation in the Lesson Sections.  Sickness and death become health and life. The opposite of fear is love, courage, calm. One has a choice depending on one’s need. Examining the definition of fear in the Glossary (586:11), one finds this belief appears in several forms. A dictionary of antonyms and synonyms comes in handy at this point. Sometimes finding the precise word to match the meaning in SH takes some digging among the word’s synonyms. Often there will be many words to choose from. Spiritual sense will guide thought to the right one.

Now a treatment can be applied. This process of exchanging error with Truth for a specific individual, oneself or a patient, is giving a treatment. One is lifting thought away from beholding the false evidence up to the metaphysical level where thought replaces and establishes the truth.

Although the following Concept of Five example is written including the collective “we,” it can be used by or for the individual in treatment by replacing the “we” with “I” or the name of the patient.


     5. The one only way

“Self-love is more opaque than a solid body. In pa‐ tient obedience to a patient God, 1 let us 2 labor 3 to dissolve with the universal solvent of Love the adamant of error, — self-will, self-justification, and self-love, — which 4 wars against spirituality and 5 is the law of sin and death.” M (SH 242:15)

Treatment: I am patiently working to let Love fill consciousness, and dissolve self-will with unselfishness, self-justification with humility, and self-love with selfless love for others which uplift spiritual sense.



This blog has presented the Concept of Five by which one turns the negatives into positives and makes the citation into a treatment. Because of its simplicity, this particular concept is one of the easiest to identify and use for healing: reversing what appears to be negative or contrary to God and His creation, and replacing those errors with specific truths, thus affirming and proving the laws of Life, Truth and Love which heal fully and completely. The patterns of five verbs, five nouns, five adjectives, five phrases are the indicators. As the portal through which the suggestions of a.m. creeps, the five material senses are specifically handled or treated by this Concept of Five, requiring us to reverse, replace, and affirm the truth … in short, TO ACTIVELY PRACTICE CS FOR HEALING OF SIN AND SICKNESS!

In the next blog, we will explore the second type of Concept of Five, a higher and more positive one used specifically for correcting thought.


Next Blog: Concept of Five and Correcting Thought





Mrs. Eddy uses numerous writing techniques to clarify her metaphysical and spiritual teachings. The Spiritual Concepts Approach (SCA) has gathered and identified many, beginning with the twelve spiritual number concepts. The concept of the Four Levels comes under the umbrella of the Concept of Four.  What are the Four Levels?  They are the constant spiritual consciousness within the one absolute Mind which man reflects. Although their designs or pattern of words and phrases appear as four separate parts, the four all occur simultaneously.  The levels relate to the Holy City, Omni-action, the Four Omnis, which have been discussed in previous blogs:

           The Holy City – Foursquare (Right click on link.)   

            Omni-action and the Four Omnis  (Right click on link.)

The Four Levels also relate to attraction because man is naturally drawn to the good and the spiritual.    AttrACTion is a property of Principle, Love – Omni-ACTion, – is constant and ever-present.  One will see that these three are connected under God’s Law of Life, Truth Love – Concept of Three (Right click on link).

                       Omni-action of LIFE, being constantly active.

                       The Holy City is Truth, being one’s mental habitation.

                       Attraction is Love, being an attribute of Love. 

Explaining the Levels will help solidify one’s understanding of all these topics.



 In the preceding blog, we discussed Omni-action in detail.  Simplified, it is God’s Law of divine action that goes full circle to bless man. This action is constant, never halting, never slowing, but continues its good work  forever.  Revelation 1:1 is a perfect example of how Omni-action operates: 

“The Revelation of Jesus Christ, which God gave unto him, to shew unto his servants things which must shortly come   to pass; and he sent and signified it by his angel unto his servant John:”  M  (Rev. 1:1)  

 Notice the order of the four events in this passage above. God (Omni-action) gave the Revelation (Omni-action) to Jesus Christ which we recognize here as the Christ (Omni-action) because the human Jesus had already ascended. Next, from the Christ the Revelation was sent by Christ’s angel (Omni-action) or messenger (Omni-action) to John (Omni-action by reflection).


Four is significant as the underlined names match the sides of the Holy City (Omni-action)

1.  God or Word = Principle

     2.  Christ – Truth = Christ  (SH 18: 15-16)

          3.  Angel = Life (ever-active)

               4.  John = Love  (the apostle of love)

John is Omni-action by reflecting divine Mind, Omni-action. In the introduction to “The Apocalypse” in Science and Health (SH), Mrs. Eddy includes verse 3 from the first chapter of Revelation in which is stated that the Bible’s final book is a prophecy.  John is a prophet, a spiritual seer (SH 593:4).  Of him she writes:

“This ministry of Truth, this message from divine Love, carried John away in spirit. It exalted him till he became conscious of the spiritual facts of being and the “New Jerusalem, coming down from God, out of heaven,” — the spiritual outpouring of bliss and glory, which he describes as the city which ‘lieth foursquare’.”  (SH 574:10-16)

He was receptive to the Revelation from God, wrote down the message (the Word), shares it.  Why John and not someone else?  Because his Christ consciousness was receptive to and received the angel message of Revelation. By this receptivity, John initiated Omni-action. Omni-action connects one to our true Being—being at one with God.  Therefore John illustrates the coincidence of the divine and the human, or Immanuel. 

“John saw the human and divine coincidence, shown in the man Jesus, as divinity embracing humanity in Life and its demonstration, — reducing to human perception and understanding the Life which is God.”  (SH  561:16)

By this divine embrace, we are spiritually able to understand and communicate with God.   The communication is always from God to man, not the other way around . (SH 284: 31-32)  This is a major reason for comprehending and valuing the Four Levels of Thought or spiritual consciousness.

Undoubtedly, one can now see the full circle of Omni-action. God, Christ, the angel messenger, – these three comprise the divine part.  Who receives this message?  The one with the spiritually perceptive thought, the Christ consciousness. In this case it is John.  Is this not a proof of the coincidence of the human and the divine? All through the Bible are illustrations and stories of open-minded men and women receiving the Christ, from Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, Joseph, the prophets, and throughout the New Testament. The receptive are also the people who are humble (MW 127:11), hungry (SH 234:4), poor (SH 34:16), and thirsty (SH 234:4) for spiritual things. Why them?  Their thought was prepared, open, amenable.  Why not us today?  Those who are spiritually responsive to the Christ can and do receive!  Nothing can prevent the prepared spiritualized consciousness from receiving the messages of the Christ.

If and when one believes nothing seems to come to one, study SH 261:4. The Law of Dwelling which is also the Law of Omni-action initiated, always has results for the metaphysician. This Law is unique to the SCA.  It states: THAT WHICH ONE DWELLS ON MOST, GROWS. The dwelling, of course, refers to one’s thinking.

Omni-action always achieves its purpose and it always blesses the receptive.

“For as the rain cometh down, and the snow from heaven, and returneth not thither, but watereth the earth, and maketh it bring forth and bud, that it may give seed to the sower, and bread to the eater: So shall my word be that goeth forth out of my mouth: it shall not return unto me void, but it shall accomplish that which I please, and it shall prosper in the thing whereto I sent it.” (Isa. 55:10-13).

Omni-action is also the activity which brings and does the demonstrating and healing.  Let us be attentive to that full circle of Omni-action as John was, and receive our own revelations.



“There is but one real attraction, that of Spirit. The pointing of the needle to the pole symbolizes this all-embracing power or the attraction of God, divine Mind.” (SH 102:9 only)

When Mrs. Eddy described the four sides of the Holy City in Science and Health (SH), page  575, she begins with the North side (line 26), its gates being open to the North Star, the Word, the polar magnet of Revelation.

“Northward, its gates open to the North Star, the Word, the polar magnet of Revelation;” (SH 575:26-27)

Gates, open, North Star, Word (John 1:1), polar magnet are all significant spiritual symbols.  North Star, Word, polar magnet represent God, Christ, angel message respectively.  Remember that the Holy City signifies our ideal mental habitation or consciousness. 

            HOLY CITY is a symbol comprised of symbols.  It represents the divine Mind.

            CITY means an established collective thought (filled with ideas). 

            GATE is the entry for thought, or receptivity (being always open) 

            SIDES/WALLS represent the strong protection or defense afforded by the    constant presence of the Word, Christ, Christianity, divine Science, ensuring     that the thoughts enter only through the GATES which are in direct view of the purifying and governing radiance of the ––

            NORTH STAR – Principle.

So this is really a higher thought or consciousness that Mrs. Eddy is discussing. The gates or portals of thought are OPEN. They are never closed. Some synonyms for open are accessible, available, clear, developed, extended, reachable, receptive, unblocked.  Thought, then, is accessible to what?  Accessible to the North Star, the Word, the polar magnet of Revelation – all three being synonymous symbols of LTLv:

            North Star represents Life.

            Word represents Truth.

            Polar magnet represents Love.

“Only the action of Truth, Life, and Love can give harmony.”  (SH 169:27-28)

The North Star over the centuries has been a GUIDANCE system for sailors who often sailed in unknown seas.  Their means of direction was the North Star which is a constant, situated in one place in the skies of the Northern Hemisphere. As seamen sailed north, this star would appear higher in the sky.  As they sailed south, it was lower.  They could even assess their location by using just their fingers, the horizon, and the reliable North Star. The magi also followed the star to find the infant Jesus:

“So shone the pale star to the prophet-shepherds; yet it traversed the night, and came where, in cradled obscurity, lay the Bethlehem babe, the human herald of Christ, Truth, who would make plain to benighted understanding the way of salvation through Christ Jesus, till across a night of error should dawn the morning beams and shine the guiding star of being. The Wisemen were led to behold and to follow this daystar of divine Science, lighting the way to eternal harmony.”  (SH vii:4-12)

The North Star is synonymous to the WORD. Why?  Because the Word of God, Principle, Love, is our GUIDANCE system! 

“Love inspires, illumines, designates, and leads the way.”  (SH 454:18-19)

The Word has many meanings: angel messages; Christ, Truth; Christianity; divine Science; God; God’s communication to man; Omni-action (the activity of LTLv); Principle; Science and Health; the Bible. 

Did the reader notice that each side of the Holy City is included in this list?  God, Principle; Christ; Christianity; divine Science. We include all four sides as hearers of the Word, – we simultaneously reflect the attributes of the consciousness of divine Mind. 

The next symbol is polar magnet.  The poles (north and south) of a magnet are the two opposite points where the magnetic forces are strongest. And of course we know that magnets have a powerful property of ATTRACTION.  In fact, the magnetic field is the largest and most powerful form of energy in existence in this world!

On page 536:11 of SH, Mrs. Eddy writes about “man’s spiritual gravitation and attraction to one Father.” (Father = Mind) The Four Levels illustrate the result of this attraction of Spirit drawing thought upward, Spiritward.  The Levels are a like a diagram (for those visual learners) of spiritualized thought, the Christ consciousness. Gravitation in a spiritual sense has no downward pull.  In Spirit’s allness there is no up or down.  Those are only human terms to explain the attraction of man to God.  Since God is higher than man, the attraction Spiritward is described as upward and outward.  



Four Levels of spiritual thought are achieved as we spiritually gravitate Godward – when putting off and forsaking mortality.  This results from Omni-action of the Christ. Although these tiers are shown as four individual levels, they occur synchronously.  The four are used to explain on-going, spiritual progress in human terms, so we can see the several aspects involved in this upward soaring consciousness.  The first illustration shows the result of prepared spiritual consciousness meeting material sense.  The rising, excluding, resolving, replacing are done concurrently and at once.  THIS IS HOW JESUS HEALED AND DEMONSTRATED INSTANTANEOUSLY. 

“Divine Science, P rising above physical theories, Lv excludes matter, T resolves things into thoughts, and L replaces the objects of material sense with spiritual ideas.” S  (SH 123:12)


REPLACES objects of material sense with spiritual ideas



RESOLVES things into thoughts






RISING above physcal theories



                                                  Divine Science ↑

Because Spirit is positive, we cannot leave negative error standing unchallenged, so we reverse the negatives. (SH 123:12); (173:13 (only)); (269:14)  Physical theories are replaced by spiritual realities, and matter is replaced by Spirit



Each phrase or section of a statement that contains the Four Levels aligns with its appropriate Synonym according to set SCA rules (in blue) as explained here:

4. replaces = LIFE  because the SCA rule about a Life word is that it is always the longest lasting or most active. 

3. resolves = TRUTH because  the SCA rule governing a Truth word is that it relates to thought, is mental.

2. excludes = LOVE because the SCA rule regarding a Love word is that it is an attribute of Love.  When reversed, excludes becomes includes (includes Spirit) which pertains to LOVE.

1. rising = PRINCIPLE because the SCA rule over a word expressing Principle is that it covers all the rest. In this citation, rising initiates the next three actions: the excluding, resolving, replacing.


Because the examples in this blog of the Four Levels indicate this perpetual rising, ascending, advancing, I have presented each of them graphically as a kind of four-rung, vertical ladder.

Each rung or level is numbered (1 being the starting point at the foot of the ladder), and is labeled with a Synonym of God –– Principle, Truth, Love, Life, corresponding to the four sides of the Holy City which represents our mental habitation, the Christ consciousness. 

The forward and backward slashes flanking the numbers portray an upward movement because the citations describe ascending thought.   We should always be spiritually progressing.  Progress continues and is constant. (SH 258:13-15)  Mrs. Eddy, by giving us these references, expected Christian Scientists to be daily advancing, learning, proving, and understanding spiritually.  Progress is the law of God!  (SH 233:6)



The Levels are always on the spiritual plain of thought and are found mostly in spiritual sentences as indicated by the bold, brown “S” which has been placed after the sentences, i.e., as in the next statement. In these citations Mrs. Eddy illustrates spiritual man’s habitation of consciousness. He isn’t working up to attaining it.  He already includes it!  It is our fortress strong! A place where we not only find protection but harmony and peace.

“This scientific sense of being, forsaking matter for Spirit, by no means suggests man’s absorption into Deity and the loss of his identity, but confers upon man enlarged P individuality, a wider sphere of T thought and action, a more expansive Lv love, a higher and more permanent L peace.”  S  (SH 265:10) 


   A higher and more permanent PEACE



   A more expansive LOVE



   A wider sphere of THOUGHT AND ACTION






The scientific sense confers on man: ↑

The scientific sense is the conclusion that has been arrived at, the place one has reached way above the human or relative.  The “scientific sense” in this case is the spiritual sense because this sentence is identified as a spiritual one, as the S indicates.  To be actively conscious of spiritual sense is Omni-action initiated. This set of Levels describes the spiritualized consciousness and the qualities naturally present. Although in this instance, the nouns were chosen, it would be just as correct to focus on the adjectives.  Enlarging, widening, expanding, rising (higher) are the effects of Omni-action which man reflects.








   A WIDER SPHERE of thought and action



ENLARGED individuality



     The scientific sense confers on man: ↑

4.  a higher, more permanent peace LIFE, because it is forever, the longest lasting.

3.  a more expansive love LOVE, because love is a quality of Love!

2.  a wider sphere of thought, action TRUTH because this relates to the mental.

1.  enlarged individuality PRINCIPLE because individuality includes, or covers all the other three – thought, love, and peace.

The spiritual ascendency of the Levels deals primarily with the spiritual realm or needed thought.  It is looking at what is or should be already.




In the samples presented thus far, has one noticed a repeated pattern?  Mrs. Eddy uses patterns frequently in her writing.  The SCA has arranged them according to number concepts which conform to specific consistent rules.  They guide one in a logical and metaphysical way to find more spiritual meaning in the text. When diagramed as has been done in this blog with the ladders, they guide one’s reasoning while making a passage easier to understand, especially for those of us who learn visually. Using colored pencils to mark these patterns with underlines, numbers, highlighting is another way of providing a visual aid for comprehension and retention.

Examining the starting point of the Levels in this blog, each one relates back to Omni-action.   Principle appears at the first rung and Life at the fourth.  Truth and Love are sandwiched in between in alternately as rung two or three. The pattern, then, is Principle which includes, covers, or activates the next three; Love or Truth alternately; followed up by Life, identified as the longest lasting concept.

“Whatever seems to be a new creation, is but the discovery of some distant idea of Truth; else it is a new multiplication or self-division of mortal thought, as when some finite sense peers from its cloister with amazement and attempts to pattern the infinite.”  (SH 263:21) 

“Honest students speak the truth “according to the pattern showed to thee in the mount,” and live it: these are not working for emoluments, and may profitably teach people, who are ready to investigate this subject, the rudiments of Christian Science.”  (Mis. 44:1)

“Divine Love spans the dark passage of sin, disease, and death with Christ’s righteousness, — the atonement of Christ, whereby good destroys evil, — and the victory over self, sin, disease, and death, is won after the pattern of the mount.”  (’01 10:20-24)

 “Life, Truth and Love the pattern make, Christ is the perfect heir; the cloud of sense roll back, and show the form divinely fair.”  (Hymn 51) 



The next two sets of Levels are found in the same paragraph beside the marginal heading Practical science.                     

            Practical means useful or applicable and has a predictable result.  

            Science involves the application of laws or principles for proving a truth, or in our case, metaphysics.  

            The definition of CS is the “divine laws of Life, Truth, and Love” (SH 107:1-3). The SCA definition of CS is God’s Laws of LTLv applied to man.  God’s laws empower man—giving him dominion over all. Metaphysics can, does and will change physics—anything in the dream state!

 Part of the fun of the SCA is that it challenges one to look further and more deeply into the text than one otherwise would.  Instead of quickly surface reading a sentence, one looks closely at the details, units, parts – approaching Christian Science as a micro or quantum metaphysical Science OR micro-quantum metaphysics, studying, as Mrs. Eddy requested, by eating the book up (559:16-21)

Our definition of micro-quantum metaphysicsthe study of Christian Science by applying the SCA, focusing, in accord with SH 559:16, on eating (imbibing, drinking in) and digesting (mentally arranging and organizing) even the “minute varied aspects of the CS textbook with the purpose of understanding and demonstrating divine healing.

Without the SCA and this blog, would the reader be aware of these Levels in SH and their significance even though one may have probably read those sentences many times? Many more of these Four Levels spiritual citations are scattered throughout SH waiting to be discovered by its readers. 

“From this it follows that business men and cultured scholars have found that Christian Science P enhances their endurance and mental powers, T enlarges their perception of character, Lv gives them acuteness and comprehensiveness and an ability L to exceed their ordinary capacity.” S  (SH 128:4-11) 


GIVES ability to exceed



GIVES acuteness and comprehensiveness



ENLARGES perception of character



ENHANCES endurance and mental powers



                                         Christian Science ↑


The final Levels pattern or configuration we come to is embedded within in three sentences consecutive sentences. Together they present a view of spiritual consciousness, receptive thought lifted by the study and practice of the Science of being.  In this instance, the transitional word is “It” which refers back to “knowledge of the Science of being” which ties the three statements together to form a Levels design.  The four verbs: enhances, enlarges, gives (twice), are Omni-action, therefore their activity is automatic and they happen concurrently. They are Omni-action words representing the ever-operating Law of Principle for the good of man.

“A knowledge of the Science of being develops the latent abilities and possibilities of man. It T extends the atmosphere of thought, Lv giving mortals access to broader and higher realms. It L raises the thinker into his native air of insight and perspicacity.” S (SH 128:14-18)

RAISES thinker into native insight and perspicacity



GIVES mortals access to broader, higher realms



EXTENDS atmosphere of thought



DEVELOPS man’s latent abilities and possibilities



                             A knowledge of Science ↑

Looking at the blue verbs, one sees how the knowledge of CS profits one: enhances, enlarges, gives, develops, extends, raises The attributes listed are the natural outcome of a spiritualized consciousness that education and genes alone cannot produce: endurance, mental powers, perception of character, acuteness, comprehensiveness, ability to exceed, latent abilities and possibilities, atmosphere of thought, access to broader and higher realms, insight, perspicacity. Each quality is governed by the laws of Principle which cannot be stopped, delayed, interrupted, but are on-going, continuous, constant.

Question: How does the recognizing of the Four Levels help one? 

Answer: The Four Levels:

            > Contribute to the result of healing and demonstration.  That is what makes Science practical.

            > Illustrate the coincidence of the divine and with the human or Immanuel. 

           > Enable us to spiritually understand and commune with God, the divine. 

The “divine” is divinity embracing humanity in Life and demonstration. (SH  561:16) To reiterate an important point, the communication is always from God to man. (284: 31-32)  

            > Remind us of the importance of comprehending and valuing the Four Levels of thought or spiritual consciousness. It is only through spiritual sense that we can know God and recognize good.  


The Four Levels, following the square design of the Holy City, are about man’s spiritual habitation and consciousness, where he is pure reflection, being at one with Principle, Love.  That is why the Levels are found mostly in spiritual sentences. Man is not climbing up to reach this altitude.  He is already there, a clear transparency, radiant, perfect, whole! The Four Levels and their citations are a reassuring proof man is already pure, perfect, harmonious and immortal. We are that man. We can read these Levels passages, identify with them, and claim each attribute as already included within our own being.  We are the Christ consciousness. Let us rejoice and acknowledge this truth!  



NOTE:  A special acknowledgement of gratitude goes to the Compiler for his intelligent, meticulous, patient, and spiritually-precise editing of these blogs.










It is the law of Principle, God’s Law of Good, ever in operation—fulfilling its God-ordained blessing for man to come full circle, and it always completes its mission (SH 587:19). The Bible’s first declaration of the essence of Omni-action is mentioned in Isaiah 55:10-11…

“For as the rain cometh down, and the snow from heaven, and returneth not thither, but watereth the earth, and maketh it bring forth and bud, that it may give seed to the sower, and bread to the eater:

“So shall my word be that goeth forth out of my mouth: it shall not return unto me void, but it shall accomplish that which I please, and it shall prosper in the thing whereto I sent it.”  M


“In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God.” S (John 1:1)


“How true, that God’s word does not return unto Him void!” S (Mis. 446:15-16)

God’s Word is also His Law or Laws.


                        The Compiler  (The SCA Originator)


~   ~   ~   ~  ~


NOTE:  Most of the examples used in this blog to illustrate Omni-action include the Concept of Four Omnis, – four Omni-action words in a verse or citation.  Previous blogs described the four Love Omnis  (link) and Foursquare (link) , both of which are groupings of … four, obviously!  Love Omnis words all reflect LOVE, and Foursquare includes words that relate to MIND.  Now we come to words that generate LIFE and are action packed.

As you read through, please notice that each Omni-action word will be indicated by bold, underlined font.

Mrs. Eddy uses these three different types of Omnis passages throughout Science and Health (SH).  We read them every day, but overlook them until they are pointed out.  The Spiritual Concepts Approach  (SCA) points them all out to increase our understanding and spiritual sense, and often healings result from this deeper delving into Truth. Having studied and applied this method to the Bible Lesson for over 2 1/2 years, I can attest to all three.

As with the previous types of Omnis, one can identify each Omnis word as aligning with one of the Synonyms: Life, Truth, Love, or Principle.  Identifying which is which causes one to ponder a passage more thoughtfully, be more accurate in differentiating each Synonym, and enjoy the learning process.  

 OMNI-ACTION is one of those hidden treasures of Principle, Mind, we rarely hear about.  This term, mentioned specifically just once in SH, (SH 587:19), is a name for God, and appears as many action words throughout SH.  Omni means all.  Omni-action means all action. It includes every action performed by God who is all-acting (SH 587:6 only, to 1st ,) and reveals the whole of God’s ever-operative healing and regenerating power ever present.

An obvious example to show where the Omnis originated is the definition of:

“GOOD. God; Spirit; omnipotence; omniscience; omnipresence; omni-action.”  A  (SH 587:19)

This shows the basic motif of the 4 Omnis.  Each of the four words is an Omni-action word. Each refers to God only and is constant, always present, ever active. The obvious pattern is the four omni prefixes. In the SCA, Omni-action is spelled with a capital O because it denotes God.  

  • Omnipotence = Love    Omni-action  Omnipotence:  Omni-action Love
  • Omniscience = Truth    Omni-action  Omniscience:  Omni-action Truth
  • Omnipresence = Life    Omni-action  Omnipresence:  Omni-action Life
  • Omni-action = Principle    Omni-action action: Omni-action Principle

The fact of God being Omni-action is quite the opposite of the traditional interpretation of Gen 2:2 “…and he rested … from all his work which He had made.” The truth is, our Father-Mother is in constant motionSpirit was Omni-active before Gen 1 was written and He has been ever since.  Whatever Spirit does and is continues forever.

“Spirit is symbolized by strength, presence, and power, and also by holy thoughts, winged with Love.”  S (SH 512:8-9)   

  • strength = Truth
  • presence = Life
  • power = Love
  • holy thoughts = Principle 

Mrs. Eddy explains that “God rests in action” (519:25 only).  This may seem like an oxymoron unless one replaces rests with its synonym stays to express being in continuous action, constantly active, or in permanent motion.  This is the absolute truth of all-acting Life.

“I have made the earth, and created man upon it: I, even my hands, have stretched out] the heavens, and all their host have I commanded.”  M (Isa. 45:12)

Whatever He has done He continues to do, and is doing right now.  This is a divine law, the Law of Omni-action ever in operationGod’s action does not pause, nap, or go on holiday.  He is constantly animating, blessing, creating, expanding, giving, governing, illumining, inspiring, leading, loving, moving, multiplying, producing, providing, supplying, supporting, to name just some of the Omni-action words found in SH.   

Man is the blessed recipient of Omni-action, but does not generate it.  Man is mentioned in the next passage, however the 4 Omnis words originate with God alone. These attributes continue on and on forever.  Did man do anything to merit them?  No. They are the natural outcome of Omni-action itself. Man is forever blessed by the four Omni-actions of God as His inseparable reflection.

“God expresses in man the infinite idea forever developing itself, broadening and rising higher and higher from a boundless basis.”  S  (SH 258:13-15) 

Omni-action is an absolute term that refers to God and His action only. Man is not in any way involved in God’s work.  We cannot cause, coax, beg or bargain for God to perform. Omni-action occurs without our sanction or say-so. It continues perpetually, impartially, impersonally. Although man is benefitted by Omni-action, he is in no way involved in it or its terms.  The bolded underlined words in this blog which indicate Omni-action are neutral and objective, and in no way associated with anything human.  There is no laboring, stressing, struggling, suffering, trying or any other human beliefs connected with it, – no emotion, good or bad, at all. Omni-action needs no help from the human to achieve its purpose of constantly encompassing, expressing, enlarging, exalting Mind’s complete and perfect creation.  Yet because of the coincidence of the human and divine, man is healed by it, – by Omni-action alone, not man’s efforts.  The whole of God is radiating everywhere right now.  Our job is to know, acknowledge, and accept the fact that Omni-action is ever present with us, ever operating in our favor, and let it bless and heal us.

“Spirit, God, gathers unformed thoughts into their proper channels, and unfolds these thoughts,even as He opens the petals of a holy purpose in order that the purpose may appear.” S  (SH 506:18-21)   

SUN as a Symbol

The SUN is a fitting symbol for Omni-action.  The sun radiates heat and light everywhere without any involvement or effort on our part and without ability to stop it.  Everyone and every living creature is benefitted.  All we have to do is acknowledge the light, welcome it, enjoy it, utilize it for good. We don’t close our curtains and deny sunlight exists.  We let it in and bask in its warmth. 

The definition of Sun in the Glossary contains four Omni-action words:

“Sun. The symbol of Soul governing man, — of Truth, Life, and Love.” A  (SH 595:1-2)  

Truth, Life, Love are the Three Omnis.  The inclusion of Soul = four. Since the Four Omnis are Life, Truth Love, Principle, or LTLvP, Soul represents Principle.  They are Omni-action themselves. (SH 502:27-28)


QUESTION:  Does the following example include Omni-action?

“Mortals must gravitate Godward, their affections and aims grow spiritual, — they must near the broader interpretations of being, and gain some proper sense of the infinite, — in order that sin and mortality may be put off.”  M (SH 265:5)

 ANSWER: No!  Even though the underlined words seem omni-active, the action is done by human man rather than God.  Then we can conclude Omni-action is spiritual, not relative—or a metaphysical exercise. It is a self-enforcing law.



Exercising the Law of Gratitude is Omni-action. Gratitude initiates Omni-action’s reciprocal factor.  Gratitude prepares one to receive God’s ever-active goodness and power.  Although the Law of Omni-action requires no effort on our part to cause it since it is ever operating, one does need to open the door of thought and admit it into consciousness.    Acknowledging this Law of Omni-action is the key to the door that is gratitude.  In fact, gratitude opens the door so wide that the blessings of Omni-action pour in.  The following verse from Malachi describes the reciprocal nature of gratitude and Omni-action.

Bring ye all the tithes (gratitude) into the storehouse (consciousness), that there may be meat (spiritual substance) in mine house (divine Mind), and prove me now herewith, saith the Lord of hosts, if I will not open you the windows of heaven, and pour you out a blessing, that there shall not be room enough to receive it.”  M  (Malachi 3:10) 

 GRATITUDE is reflected Omni-action.  When gratitude is thought and felt, one’s capacity for receiving God’s goodness is opened and His blessings (substance) fill the grateful one up. Blessing, extolling, glorifying, praising, rejoicing, singing, – even if the joyful singing seems to be more like noise, – are expressions of gratitude, and Omni-action. When gratitude grows, blessings flow. 

The words bring, open, pour, receive are Omni-action.  Gratitude comes from God and returns to God.  It is an ever-moving circle and illustrates Immanuel, man’s inseverable relationship to God, the great and only cause.  



Substance is that which is eternal and incapable of discord and decay. Truth, Life, and Love are substance, as the Scriptures use this word in Hebrews: “The substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen.” Spirit, the synonym of Mind, Soul, or God, is the only real substance. The spiritual universe, including individual man, is a compound idea, reflecting the divine substance of Spirit.”  (SH 468:17 Substance)

SUBSTANCE is Omni-action because it is Life, Truth, Love and remains constant, with no discord or decay.  How much better to affirm one’s being as spiritual constancy, harmony, and wholeness rather than fleshly material body. Acknowledge and hold one’s true being in thought and that is what is experienced.

Life, Truth, Love are the three Omnis.  Further on in the same citation, Mrs. Eddy uses Spirit, Mind, Soul, and God to define substance.  These Synonyms comprise the four OmnisSpirit = Life, Mind = Truth; Soul = Love, and God (including all) = Principle.  In essence, substance is the wholeness, fullness, completeness of God.  Each Synonym is Omni-action, fully active in all places and at all times NOW.  Think about the magnitude of that statement!  There is no stoppage, blockage, stagnation, inertness.  All is in constant, eternal motion. 



 “Intelligence is omniscience, omnipresence, and omnipotence. It is the primal and eternal quality of infinite Mind, of the triune Principle, — Life, Truth, and Love, — named God.”  (SH 469:8 Intelligence)

 Intelligence is an important Omni-action word.  The definition of intelligence quoted above includes both the Three Omnis (Omnis words) and the Four Omnis (in the LTLvP Synonyms).  Apprehending this word as it relates to Omni-action opens up unlimited possibilities. Intelligence is the solid spiritual substance in the realm of Spirit—the opposite of the matter-based belief in the dream world.  Being everywhere, we can never be without it.  Wholly and immediately available at all times in all places, it cannot be dormant, damaged, fragmented, impaired, sluggish.  At work, in the classroom, when reading our Lesson, while searching for a solution to a problem, the ability to think, remember, reason, learn, interpret, express, create is present and available because Mind is its source. 

Like the air we breathe, intelligence is all around us and we can never be separated from it.  Being Omni-active, it is impersonal, neutral, accessible to everyone regardless of experience, education, talents. Knowing this, we can tackle and master those subjects that seemed especially difficult to comprehend.  We can know the precise treatment to give when someone asks for help.  And the SCA will be a breeze to learn!



PRAYER also gives entrance to Omni-action.

“Ask, and it shall be given you; seek, and ye shall find; knock, and it shall be opened unto you:

“For every one that asketh receiveth; and he that seeketh findeth; and to him that knocketh it shall be opened.”  M (Matt 7:7-8)

In Christian Science (CS)  prayer, we affirm, declare, know, hold to, understand, are grateful for, the truth.  Omni-action is the power of prayer that is answered before the call. Being objective and neutral, prayer doesn’t require emotion, experience, expertise, knowledge, passion, personal involvement, or willpower to achieve its God-ordained purpose.  Prayer doesn’t do the fixing, mending, correcting, healing or changing.  Prayer opens thought to behold the harmony, health, perfection that already exists in Mind—opens receptive thought to the needed revelation which corrects, demonstrates, heals.  Omni-action maintains His perfect idea, man.  Perfection does not, cannot, be changed in Truth.   

Our Master’s Prayer

 The Lord’s Prayer is a wonderful example of Omni-action. Every name and attribute of God is Omni-active.  Every verb or action word that God does is Omni-active. To gain the absolute truth of Omni-action, change the verbs to the present tense.  Rather than “Thy will be done,” pray and know – Thy will is being done right now! Rather than ask God to give us daily bread/supply/truth, know that He is giving us everything we need right now! 

 Our Daily Prayer

 Within the Daily Prayer is the Concept of Four Omnis:

“It shall be the duty of every member of this Church to pray each day: “Thy kingdom come;” let the reign of divine Truth, Life, and Love be established in me, and rule out of me all sin; and may Thy Word enrich the affections of all mankind, and govern them!” M  (Man. 41:19) 

 Again, put these underlined verbs in the present: Life, Truth, and Love ARE established in me.  God IS ruling out (by His ever-present Allness) all error.  His Word IS enriching and IS governing.  The explanation mark at the end of this prayer even seems to indicate a strong declaration of Omni-action.  How awesome is this! 



Understanding that healing is Omni-action is illuminating.  Healing is God’s action, not man’s.  (It is the human, being embraced in the divine action for Good.) God’s man is spiritual, perfect, complete.  God’s action maintains this wholeness.  Mind fulfills His action fully, completely, needing no influence, interference, or help from us other than to recognize and declare His power. We don’t need to know what Spirit will do to solve a problem, or even how and when the solution will appear. Our job is to know the truth, that the solution is already in place and present, and that it will be revealed.  It is not our job to make Truth happen.  Omnipotent, Omnipresent, Omniscient Principle does not need our help. Believing He does merely limits the healing.  (Healing is the human, being enveloped in the divine action for Good.)

The Omni-action of God’s healing power expands over more than just our limited focus. It includes all and continues eternally.  God’s law of Omni-action embraces everyone forever.  What is true for one family member, for instance, is true for the whole family.  After Jesus healed the nobleman’s son, those in his household believed in Jesus, – a healing of disbelief. (John 4: 46-53) Perhaps friends and neighbors were healed of disbelief as well.



 BLESSING illustrates what is and isn’t Omni-action.  The kind of blessing found in the beatitudes is impersonal. Being poor (receptive), for instance, quickens spiritual sense so that one can receive God’s blessings which are already infinite and constant and available to everyone. On the other hand, one individual blessing another individual is not Omni-action because it is humanly based, humanly initiated. 

God’s blessings never stop.  He never chooses who will be blessed and who will be bypassed.  Because Love is all, His goodness extends over all.  Expect to receive His blessings daily. In turn, we bless others.  Blessing, loving, thanking is a concept we learn in the SCA.  BLTS for short!  Blessing, loving, thanking (gratitude) are Omni-action initiators.  As one dwells on spiritual qualities, thus spiritualizing thought, the blessing, thanking, loving become natural.  Living these attitudes results in daily blessings.  They are also a way of defending oneself from animal magnetism.  One cannot be bombarded by evil thoughts (one’s own or from others) while filling thought with BLTS.



 Here is an overview of salient points to know about Omni-action.

 – It is God’s action. 

 – It emanates from God ONLY.

 – It is constant.

–  It benefits and blesses man impersonally, impartially, universally.

 – It is associated with all, always, everlasting, forever, only.  (SH 17:14-15; 169:27-28; 249:18-19; 290:1-2; 380:4 Truth (only, to 2nd .); 458:14-15 (to 1st .))

 – It appears as action words in groups of THREE.

 – It appears as action words in groups of FOUR.

 – It can appear as ABSOLUTE nouns, i.e. angels, Christ, substance.

 – It can appear as names and attributes for God.

–  It appears in sentences that are ABSOLUTE. (link)

 – It appears in sentences that are SPIRITUAL. (link)

–  It is an objective ACTION WORD not directly connected to the human or physical.  SH 89:22; 104:13; 109:16-22; 121:28; 136:1; 151:18 only; 169:27; 183:16-18; 187:18; 210:11; 225:25; 239:25-27; 282:4; 386:12; 419:20-22; 420:17; 427:30; 447:14; 480:10; 493:28; 519:25; 587:19.



 In closing, this final passage is loaded with words expressing Omni-action.  They show the incredible power which results from understanding this concept. As you read, remember that Christian Science (CS) means the laws of God (SH 107:1-3).  CS presents the complete manifestation of God’s great power and Love.

“The term Science, properly understood, refers only to the laws of God and to His government of the universe, inclusive of man.  From this it follows that business men and cultured scholars have found that Christian Science enhances their endurance and mental powers, enlarges their perception of character, gives them acuteness and comprehensiveness and an ability to exceed their ordinary capacity. The human mind, imbued with this spiritual understanding, becomes more elastic, is capable of greater endurance, escapes somewhat from itself, and requires less repose. A knowledge of the Science of being develops the latent abilities and possibilities of man. It extends the atmosphere of thought, giving mortals access to broader and higher realms. It raises the thinker into his native air of insight and perspicacity.”   (SH 128:4)


After writing this blog, giving an overview of Omni-action, and highlighting the specific Omni-action words in this passage, I can feel the enormous power of Omni-action.  Can you? 


© 2015  Mary Walls Kuhl







The events I am sharing will show just how powerful and effective a Bible verse can become when the Spiritual Concepts Approach (SCA) method is applied.

My younger son had wanted to move to another state for several years, but the slow housing market made it seem an impossibility.   Until the market improved, he felt stuck unless willing to take a financial loss on his condo.

In thinking and praying about this quandary, I was impelled to go to a passage in Mark 11:23, 24. 

“For verily I say unto you, That whosoever shall say unto this mountain, Be thou removed, and be thou cast into the sea; and shall not doubt in his heart, but shall believe that those things which he saith shall come to pass; he shall have whatsoever he saith.”

“Therefore I say unto you, What things soever ye desire, when ye pray, believe that ye receive them, and ye shall have them.”


Paying particular attention to the first verse, I began by counting the verbs – the action words.  In the SCA method, one counts the verbs first because God is Omni-action or all-acting (SH 587:6 only; 19). 

“For verily I say unto you, That whosoever shall say unto this mountain, Be thou removed, and be thou cast into the sea; and shall not doubt in his heart, but shall believe that those things which he saith  shall come  to pass; he shall have whatsoever he saith.

There are ten verbs which indicate the Concept of Ten or the Law of Completeness.  All is complete in God’s universe because Life, Truth, Love is over all and governs all.


Next, I looked for the spiritual meaning of some of the words, indicated in blue: 

 “For verily I say unto you, That whosoever shall say unto this mountain, Be thou removed, and be thou cast into the sea; and shall not doubt in his heart, but shall believe that those things which he saith shall come to pass; he shall have whatsoever he saith.”

The SCA points out that mountain has either a positive or negative meaning: either “solid and grand ideas (SH 511:24-25)or else tremendous problems that seem to be insurmountable.  The latter matched the sense of the word in this citation.  Because Spirit is positive (SH 173:13 only), this negative had to be reversed.  Insurmountable problems became an open gate or passage to walk through.

“And shall not doubt in his heart (thought)” meant just that.  DO NOT DOUBT!  This appeared to be a key point to obey. Some mental discipline and effort on my part might be necessary. Again, the error of doubt (a negative) was replaced  with expectation (a positive). I knew I could expect only good. 

“Shall believe” means to be constant, to acknowledge –  acknowledge that one will walk through that open gate without any obstruction, “and it shall come to pass.”  When these guidelines are followed, then the promise follows: “he shall have whatsoever he saith.”


The second verse is a cause-and-effect (when-then), metaphysical statement. 

“Therefore I say unto you, What things soever ye desire, WHEN ye pray, believe that ye receive them, and THEN ye shall have them.”

The note I jotted beside this verse reads: Because God is the only Cause, the good Effect is assured.  It cancels any apparent falsity of material sense.

Next I counted five verbs – highlighted in blue:

“Therefore I say unto you, What things soever ye desire, when ye pray, believe that ye receive them, and ye shall have them.”

These five action words make this is a Concept of Five, having to do with the five senses and the need to refute them.  In this case, when listed in order, these words form five successive steps progressing upward. They lead one beyond the reach of the limiting fables believed and entertained by the five senses. 

                                                                                                5. have

                                                                                 4. receive

                                                              3. believe

                                               2. pray

                              1. desire

One begins with desire, then prays.   In true healing prayer, material sense with its doubts and limitations is shut out, and consciousness fills with Truth, Spirit.  Belief becomes understanding in which all doubt is erased. Finally there is nothing to prevent the receiving and having,  fruition or proof.  

By looking for all these concepts, thought was laser focused on the truth, on the spiritual sense of things rather than material limits, impediments, and impossiblities.  From start to finish, for about forty-five minutes, I focused solely and Soulfully on the truths in these verses. Truth filled consciousness.

 When this work was completed, there was a noticeable change in my thought.  I knew without a doubt my son would be able to move and that it would be financially viable.  The timing of this move was yet unknown, but that didn’t matter now.  My conviction was so strong, all wondering and doubting had vanished.

That was at the beginning of May. 

While the housing market in March had not been favorable, it had shifted upward by the second week of May.  My son’s realtor acknowledged it would be a good time to put his condo on the market because the price he desired was feasible. 

The house went on the market at the end of May and the closing took place mid July.  The process took just six weeks.  It is noteworthy that during the pending process, the market had begun to slow again.  The window of opportunity to successfully sell the home for the necessary price had been open for about a month. The timing of the sale was truly remarkable.

The praying I did with the two verses in Mark was effortless, compelling, joyous, enlightening, – and effective . The result was an immediate thought shift from doubt to conviction.  On my part, it was effortless.  Truth did the work.  I just filled my consciousness with it while searching the Scriptures by way of these two verses using the SCA method. It so focused thought that in the end, I knew and was convinced of the truth.  It is Truth that frees.

















THE HOLY CITY – FOURSQUARE (Concept of Four – Part 4)


is followed by a special


by the Compiler of the SCA



In Christian Science, the spiritual quality of one’s thought is significant in demonstrating and healing successfully.  The concept of foursquare, relating to thought and reflecting Truth, is based on the structure of the Holy City as recorded in Rev. 21:14 where John describes the four equal sides of the city.  It isn’t really a city at all, but a symbol of a mental habitation, of divine Mind with its full array of qualities and ideas. In the marginal heading, Mrs. Eddy refers to it as “this city of our God” (SH 577:12)

The spiritual meaning of city is an established communal habitation because we are all children of one Father-Mother God, together in one spiritual family.  Not one of us is isolated or separated, rather each is an integral part of the whole.  As a single raindrop sends rings of ever-expanding ripples over an ocean, converging with the ripples of millions of other raindrops, so the thoughts released from one’s own mental habitation impact the mental abode of others.  Will our thoughts benefit or harm? Will they be an influence for good?  Will they heal? 

The Holy City of John’s Revelation isn’t a literal city, but a spiritual symbol of absolute Mind  put into words and metaphor so we can better understand Him, as well as being an illustration of how one’s own mental habitation should be.


A SKETCH OF THE HOLY CITY                

Briefly, the Holy City is a four-sided pyramid (the superstructure) which rises from a square foundation (substructure). From an engineering and architectural standpoint, the pyramid is the most stable, strong, and solid structure ever built, having withstood earthquakes and the elements for 4600 years, consequently it is a perfect symbol for the ideal mental habitation.

Each of the four walls includes three gates, twelve in all. These specific figures point to another important factor to be aware of – each of the four walls forms a triangle. The three sides of the four triangles each have one gate (three gates per wall).

3 gates x 4 walls = 12 gates  (Rev 21:12, 13) 

Had the walls been square, each would have four gates, totaling 16.  The advantage of triangular walls is that they can withstand a multitude of pressures, again making this the perfect symbol for the ideal mental habitation.

The Holy City or Foursquare being a metaphoric depiction of a mental abode, the Spiritual Concepts Approach (SCA) defines its points or gates as entries of thought.  There are three entries of thought per side, each triad representing Life, Truth, and Love – LTLv. 



It is important to remember that we are describing a higher spiritual mental habitation and not a literal building.  In discussing the gates, therefore, these need to be seen as entry points for thought.  What kind of thought? Spiritual thoughts only, that which reflects Life, Truth, and Love! 

Mrs. Eddy confirms this when she describes the “Spiritual sanctuary” which one enters in prayer,

“The closet typifies the sanctuary of Spirit, the door of which shuts out sinful sense but lets in Truth, Life, and Love.”  (SH 15:3-5 The)



Reading further in Rev. 21, one discovers the twelve number concepts!  In verses 19 and 20, they are found “garnishing” the twelve foundations (Rev. 21:14) with precious stones.  Each number concept is represented by a precious stone, signifying each concept is precious and priceless.

The next verse, 21, describes each of the twelve gates as a pearl.  Mrs. Eddy’s interpretation of these gates adds insightful meaning to this discussion of the highest mental habitation.

“The gates thereof he declared were inlaid with pearl, — likening them to the priceless understanding of man’s real existence, to be recognized here and now”  (Mis. 30:12-15). The pearls of great price!



Mrs. Eddy has written more about the symbol of the holy city or foursquare than any other symbol. Her account spreads across pages 575 to 577 in SH.  In these pages that she declares,

*”Spiritual teaching must always be by symbols.” (575:13-14)    

* [This statement underscores the spiritual number concepts being shown on this blog. Each concept is the symbol of one or more spiritual truths.  A new addition to the “Overview of the Twelve Number Concepts” (right click on this link) blog has been added which shows how each number concept translates into a spiritual law. Please take a look.  It will make sharing the number concepts with others, especially in testimonies, easier for the listeners to grasp, understand and accept.  God’s Law of Completeness, for example, might seem more familiar to a hearer than the Concept of Ten.]

Focusing on (SH 577:12), one reads her description of this “holy habitation”  as having no boundary or limit because it is spiritual, and its cardinal points, similar to those on a compass, are the Word, Christ, Christianity, and divine Science. Each side or point matches a synonym of God. Comparing the clockwise order of the foursquare city in three different locations in SH: 575:17-20, 26-2; and 577:12-19, we find the four sides representing the synonyms LTLvP as follows:

Word expresses Principle (MW 363:22-25; My 225: 27-30)

Christ is Truth, (which also includes Mind) (SH 316:7; 473:10; 567:18-23)

Christianity aligns with Life, (which also includes Spirit) (SH 97:29-32; 353:31; 426:23-28)

Divine Science is Love, (which also includes Soul) (SH 326:30; 366:3; 412:13-14)    

In essence, it is the allness of God – LTLvP.

 In the ideal mental habitation, these attributes of God are present and active.  They are not restricted to a specific location or side because they are everywhere as is God, Mind.  Showing them singly on each side merely points them out so the reader knows they are there. Likewise, this mental abode is everywhere and the clockwise directions of N, E, S, W merely indicate it is available from every place and any direction.  This symbolic city foursquare appears in our Pastor and enables the reader to identify spiritual concepts, understand truths, gain spiritual sense and spiritual growth, and heal.  



Following her description and exegesis of the Holy City, Mrs. Eddy has presented Ps. 23 and a spiritual interpretation.  The final line reveals to me that this Psalm is a glimpse into the ideal mental habitation, a model for dwelling at one with God. The four walls are indicated in red beside goodness, mercy, life, and house or consciousness.

“Surely Lv goodness and T mercy shall follow me all the days of my L life; and I will dwell in the P house [the consciousness] of [Love] for ever.”  (SH 578:16-18)

This ideal mental abode is man’s true spiritual consciousness. It doesn’t need to be attained, but rather, only to be acknowledged. When thought is pure, it is filled with these four cardinal, spiritual realities: the immaculate Word of God flowing clearly and constantly, the Christ with its transforming consciousness, Christianity actively lived and expressed, and Love’s healing presence of divine Science.  Even though we are not aware of the outer walls comprising our homes, they are constantly present.  We rely on them for comfort and safety, yet take them for granted.  It is the purpose of the SCA to take nothing for granted in our textbook and the KJV Bible, and to point out every spiritual concept.

This allegorical city, the gates (entries for thought) of which are always open, is perpetually lighted by Love (SH 577:19-21).  Anyone can enter, but nothing “which defileth, … or maketh a lie” (SH 577:26). Why?  Because the gates are spiritual (SH 575: 17). Doesn’t this remind the reader of Jesus’ beholding “the perfect man … God’s own likeness … which healed the sick” (SH 476:32-4)?  The reason he healed immediately, as did our Leader, is because he beheld the perfect man, so the imperfect never had an opportunity to enter thought. That which defileth never took hold because it wasn’t allowed through their mental gates.



“And the city had no need of the sun, neither of the moon, to shine in it: for the glory of God did lighten it, and the Lamb is the light thereof.”  (Rev. 21:23)

 SCA definitions:

  • Sun – primary thought of apprehending
  • Moon – secondary thought of apprehending
  • Shine – reveal
  • Light – understanding
  • Darkness – lack of understanding

This spiritual mental place of thinking and dwelling is filled with divine light (divinely revealed understanding—divine revelation), “lighted by the Sun of Righteousness” (SH 576:3). Instead of a physical sun as the source of light, it is God’s glory, the divine Sun as described by Mrs. Eddy:

“Sun   The symbol of Soul governing man, — of Truth, Life, and Love.” (SH 595:1-2)   

 Always illumined with spiritual light (understanding) that fills all space, having no beginning, end, or fluctuation, this mental habitation is a model for our own. When we think of someone, they have entered our mental abode. Is our thought so pure, flowing with the Christ consciousness, that they are healed upon entering? Will they leave our consciousness healed?  We must stand porter at the entry of thought.  (SH 392:24 only) 



Foursquare is found woven into the pages of the KJV Bible as well as our textbook.  A citation will reflect or express the four sides of foursquare as Word, Christ, Christianity, divine Science, or the three Omnis plus Principle: Life, Truth Love, Principle (LTLvP).

Word = Principle

Christ = Truth

Christianity = Life

Divine Science = Love

Abbreviated, these are LTLvP.



for this foursquare mental habitation:

 “And Jesus P went forth, and T saw a great multitude, and L was moved with compassion toward them, and he Lv healed their sick.”  M (Matt. 14:14)

Through this verse, we glimpse Jesus’ mental dwelling (which our exemplar is showing us also to emulate.) His thought includes all four Synonyms of Foursquare To identify a foursquare citation, one first looks at the verbs to find the pattern of four as shown in verse 14 above in bold font and underlined.  Then one identifies each verb with a Synonym.  The reasoning goes like this:

PRINCIPLE is identified as the coverall synonym because it covers or includes the other Omnis. (My. 225:27-30)  

TRUTH conveys thought or decision.

LIFE is the most active or permanent one.

LOVE is usually related to healing and loving.

Can one be surprised that Jesus’ thought included all four?   He did things in threes but most effectively healed with these four (true spiritual habitation or dwelling) (269:11-13). He thought in fours!  He healed in fours (Matt. 8:13 to 1st . ; 9:2 and; 6 then)! One can also heal effectively like Jesus by dwelling in the spiritual and not accepting the material. This spiritual habitation/dwelling is a very powerful place to be for healing.

  Jesus was so at one with God that his healing work was natural, an outcome of his constant communing with His Father-Mother. This is a wonderful illustration to define what being at one with God is: it is thinking in the spiritual habitation of the city foursquare!  As our way shower and exemplar, we look to him to show us the way—the way to the city New Jerusalem—the kingdom of heaven.  One can see Principle as the Word directing him, where to go, what to do, how to do it, resulting in his constant ability to heal.  God through His Word is similarly directing us.  We must just listen and obey.  

We need the spiritual foundation of Principle, the recognition of the ever-presence of Life, the acknowledgment of Omniscience Truth and the omnipotent power of Love, all demonstrated by Jesus, to overcome that which is not love.

Jesus, illustrating the spiritual foundation of Principle, saw through the lens of the healing power of the Christ Truth, sifting truth from error.  His compassion moved him into action – Life.  And wherever he went, his calling card was healing – Love.


Another foursquare example from the Bible shows the pattern is with the nouns.

“Then shall thy T light break forth as the morning, and thine Lv health shall spring forth speedily: and thy L righteousness shall go before thee; the glory of the Lord shall be thy P rereward.” (Isa. 58:8)

 Discerning the spiritual sense of this text rather than the literal, light is a symbol of Truth. A search in a concordance or on Concord will quickly show that Truth and light are closely related in Mrs. Eddy’s writings, Science and Health (SH) in particular (591:23), and she is the ultimate authority on the spiritual sense of words.  What better Bible reference book is there when one wants the spiritual meaning and interpretation than SH?

  • Light = TRUTH
  • Health is similar to healing in this passage, and so is a quality of LOVE.
  • Righteousness reflects LIFE.
  • The remaining rereward has to be PRINCIPLE.  

(Rereward is the rear guard of an army.  Principle being the rereguard, covers all.  God, the all-seeing, protects our seeming blind spots, covers our backs.)  

Light, health and righteousness are all qualities of thought, and when these fill consciousness, our defense is secure.  When thought is aligned with God, it is filled with the light of the Christ-consciousness, the health of a Love-centered mind, active right thinking, and an awareness of the presence of the protective Principle, our rereward all around. (SH 496:18 divine Principle)


FOURSQUARE IN WITNESSES of Jesus’ healing power

Matthew gives a glimpse into the mental habitation of those who have just witnessed Jesus’ amazing power to heal when the palsied man who, lying on a bed, had been carried to Jesus, stood up and walked home. Maybe he ran! 

“But when the multitudes T saw it, they Lv marvelled, and L glorified God, which had P given such power unto men.” S  (Matt. 9:8)


  • SAW – and have seen the Christ presence – TRUTH (Christ)
  • MARVELLED – and are loving the healing they witnessed – LOVE (Love is always healing.)
  • GLORIFIED – and are actively giving God the glory – LIFE (the most active)
  • GIVEN – and are acknowledging God as the source of this power which is given to all – PRINCIPLE. (P covers, flows over, all three.)

The spiritual awakening in their collective thought must have been tangibly felt by everyone.  They would never forget it.

But what about Jesus and his ability to heal instantly?  He must have been keenly aware of his spiritual mental habitation encompassed by the Word, Christ, Christianity, and divine Science.  As perfect spiritual ideas of God, we reflect the same Principle, and the same spiritual, whole, holy mental habitation.  We include all qualities of the Christ-consciousness, all right ideas, the full manifestation of Mind that John beheld, the seamless expression of LTLvP.  Let’s claim it! 

“Hold thought P steadfastly (constant) to the L enduring, the Lv good, and the T true, and you will bring these into your experience proportionably to their occupancy of your thoughts.” (SH 261:4-7)




One can see in this next sentence by our Leader that the topic relates to thought

PHaving faith in the divine Principle of health and spiritually T understanding God, Lv sustains man under all circumstances; whereas the lower appeal to the general faith in material means (commonly called nature) L must yield to the all-might of infinite Spirit.” S  (SH 319:7)    

 Both faith and understanding are mental.  What has to yield, to move?  Thought—specifically MATERIAL thought.  Beside the four verbs are the correct Synonyms relating to each in red.  Faith in God and spiritual understanding are sustaining.  A take-away is that the presence of LTLvP are true attraction, drawing one spiritually higher.  This counters the mesmeric pull, attraction and influence of the five material senses which are the seeming reasons for sickness and the distractions from spiritual sense.


To appreciate the spiritual magnitude of this next short sentence, one needs to read the one which precedes it. (SH 323:9-10)  It tells us to first pause and “wait on God.”  Then comes the reward.  Again the pattern is in the four verbs Thought is mentioned, so it is likely to fit with the form of foursquare.

“Then we P push onward, until boundless thought T walks enraptured, and conception unconfined Lv is winged L to reach the divine glory.” M  (SH 323:9)

  • walks = Truth because it is thought that walks
  • is = Love because of the word conception
  • to reach = Life because it is the most active
  • push = Principle because it covers the other three Omnis

 As a metaphysical and instructional sentence, (indicated by the M at the end of the sentence), it can be turned into a treatment.  An easy way is to follow the wording very closely: What kind of Treatment? It can be for oneself, for another, or for a group. 

I push (one pushes, or let us push) onward with boundless thought, dwelling gloriously, with concepts winged to reach the spiritual habitation—the glory of being at one with God in the kingdom of harmony. 

Or one can elaborate on it a bit more:

I pray (one prays, or let us pray) to see Truth’s tasks for us, that we all pause and wait for God to give us direction.  Then we can move ahead, knowing thought is now boundless with ideas, enraptured with gratitude, unconfined, free, and winged for success.



Since we are dealing with things mental  in Foursquare or the Holy City, it wouldn’t be complete without some guidance on defending our mental habitation.  Mrs. Eddy has written extensively on guarding thought, on handling animal magnetism, aggressive mental suggestion and to do so daily (248:17-21; Man. Art. VIII: Sect. 6).   Every class-taught student of CS should have had specific and thorough instruction on this topic.    

“Indispensable defence”  (marginal heading)

P Instruct  him how L to bar the door of his thought against this seeming power, — a task not difficult, when one T understands that evil Lv has in reality no power.” M   (451:30–3)  

One can turn this metaphysical statement into a self-treatment.  This one can be used by every reader.

I am constantly alert to know and affirm that there is only one power, omnipotent Love. I acknowledge and understand the reality and allness of Good, God now.


 Mrs. Eddy wrote a very important article on guarding thought and handling a.m. in Ways that Are Vain in My. p. 210:18 – 213:26.  In the last paragraph of the article are four metaphysical sentences which together conform to Foursquare.

  1. P Be ever on guard against this enemy.” M
  1. T Watch your thoughts, and see whether they lead you to God and into harmony with His true followers.” M 
  1. LvGuard and strengthen your own citadel more strongly.” M 
  1. “Thus L you will grow wiser and better through every attack of your foe, and the Golden Rule will not rust for lack of use or be misinterpreted by the adverse influence of animal magnetism.” S (My. 213:19)  


With the Daily Prayer in which Mrs. Eddy declares is the duty of every member to prayer each day, foursquare is a supporting pattern as indicated by the red fonts. It establishes one’s mental habitation by declaring the presence of LTLv which rule out all sin (SH 473:31). Then the Word, Principle, blesses, enriches and governs all who enter our mental habitation: LTLvP.  

“It shall be the duty of every member of this Church to pray each day: “Thy kingdom come;” let the reign of divine Truth, Life, and Love be established in me, and rule out of me all sin; and may Thy P Word enrich the affections of all mankind, and govern them!”  M         (Man. 41:19 It) 


Because God is here and ever-present, Life, Truth and Love are established with me, around me, and within thought.  My consciousness is filled with purity, holiness and goodness.  God’s Word that speaks to me is communing with each of His ideas, enriching their love for themselves and others, and governing them and all.



From a human perspective, it is considered normal and even expected for persons to be seen as the underlined adjectives indicate: fallen, sick, sinning, dying.  This is the inverted, counterfeit, mortal view of foursquare. (285:7-11)

“The divine nature was best expressed in Christ Jesus, who threw upon mortals the truer reflection of God and lifted their lives higher than their poor thought-models would allow, — thoughts which presented man as p fallen, t sick, lv sinning, and l dying.”  S (SH 259:6-11) 

Each of these conditions line up with the mortal sense of life, truth, love and principle.  Hence they have small letters beside them.  They show the false, material habitation of thought.  The solution to this false view is with Christian Science: to see man as “unfallen, upright, pure, free.”

“Through discernment of the spiritual opposite of materiality, even the way through Christ, Truth, man will reopen with the key of divine Science the gates of Paradise which human beliefs have closed, and will find himself P unfallen, T upright, Lv pure, and L free, not needing to consult almanacs for the probabilities either of his life or of the weather, not needing to study brainology to learn how much of a man he is.” S (SH 171:4)   

The underlined attributes are those of God’s ideal, spiritual man who we should declare ourselves to be.  We must think rightly, spiritually, to be right and spiritual.  “The gates of Paradise,” are these not “the royally divine gates” of the Holy City which only to material sense seem shut (SH 575:22 marginal heading)?  In reality, they are always open. (575:17-20)



The following citation illustrates the corrective nature of foursquare.  It is under the marginal heading of “The demonstration lost and found.” Thought is what  needs to be corrected or adjusted.

“But this  power P was lost sight of, and must again be spiritually Lv discerned, T taught, and L demonstrated according to Christ’s command, with “signs following.”” M     (SH 110:26-29)  

Self-treatment:  The power of Christian Science is effectual.  I discern it, am being taught it daily by my study and practice, can demonstrate it, and testify to it.

 This is how the identification was determined:

  • Lost sight of must be reversed, then it becomes remembered, seen. It is over (or it includes) all the other Omnis, and so is PRINCIPLE.
  • Discerned is Love because spiritual discernment is necessary for healing. Healing is always LOVE.
  • Taught is a mental activity, so it is TRUTH.
  • Demonstrated, with signs following, is the most active, so it is LIFE. 



Now I would like to return to the Bible to a story I have always taken literally until learning how to interpret passages with the Spiritual Concepts Approach (SCA).  This short citation in Ecclesiastes relates to Foursquare, a mental abode, and the spiritual sense of city, which isn’t a construct of buildings and people at all.  It is a mental habitation or dwelling!

“There p was a little city, and few men within it; and there t came a great king against it, and lv besieged it, and l built great bulwarks against it:” RH (Eccl. 9:14)

 As another type of Foursquare, this verse denotes a false or inverted sense.  The “little city” is an inattentive, untended kind of mental habitation with few spiritual ideas with which to defend it. Unguarded, it is attacked and surrounded by aggressive mental suggestion or animal magnetism (a great king – a ruler of this material world). Besieged and bulwarks (nets, snares; coverts of ambush) illustrate what happens when one neglects to stand at the door of thought and defend oneself daily against aggressive mental suggestion. (Church Manual p. 42:4)   

The ensuing verse shows the saving result of actively defending oneself. 

“Now there Lv was found in it a poor wise man, and he by his wisdom L delivered the city; yet no man T remembered that same poor man.” RH (Eccl. 9:15)

 Who was that “poor wise man”? Since the city is a mental habitation, it is astute thought that is spiritually receptive (poor) (SH 34:16 only) to the revelation of the wisdom of the Word continuously pouring forth from God (SH 275:17), from Life, Truth, and Love which counters the attack of a.m. and saves the city. Thought is transformed, strengthened, and a.m. suggestions countered, neutralized and eliminated.  No man (mortal mind) is replaced by the receptive spiritual wisdom which fills the mental habitation so that no belief of error can enter.  How important it is to keep thought fixed constantly on LTLvP in order to handle a.m.! 


By now, those who have been following this blog will realize there are distinct concepts in passages that the SCA brings to one’s attention.  There are many more elements to be seen, noticed, discerned and understood than one has previously been aware of.  Studying the details in this way is what Mrs. Eddy refers to when she writes about eating the book. (SH 599:16) We must eat daily and the SCA provides a wonderful variety of spiritual concepts meals, daily bread or manna.  

  • All these foursquare citations relate to TRUTH, the only Cause.
  • The Love’s Four (link) passages from the previous blog  relate to LOVE.
  • The next blog on Omni-action will show passages that relate to LIFE.

 This establishes the fact that the three GATES on each side of the Holy City, our mental habitation,  are LTLv. By imbibing our textbook, our spiritual sense grows, and our perception is enhanced, our understanding raised so that the book’s leaves/pages become richer as hidden treasures are revealed and realized.  (SH 264:13-15; 507: 15-18)



(Concept of Four – Part 5)




Supplement on the Bible Lesson Subjects

                        by Guines Wiley-Nieves, CS


Throughout this Lesson, we will be discussing the concept of the Bible Lesson subjects for the benefit of the new students and a reminder for the current SCA students. This discussion will point out the value of the concept of Four which is not as prevalent as the concept of Three, but is a higher thought and has more of a divine application for the metaphysician—the coincidence of the human and divine or about Immanuel.


The 27 Bible Lesson Subjects are subject to the Concept of Four grouped at least three ways:

1.  They reflect the idea of the City Foursquare—our ideal and ultimate mental habitation. Law of Dwelling (T) 

2. The Four Main Headings of the grouping are: A. God. Christian or Divine Science  C. Man or the Christ idea  D. Christian Doctrines or Christianity. (Lv) 

3. The four citation levels on which S&H is based and not just on the two levels one hears spoken of by Teachers of CS. (L)

These BL Subjects are metaphysical issues no other religion has as its key topics for a sermon.

There are three groupings of the four which pertain to our Lesson Sermon Subjects and also represent LTLv. The groupings of the Lesson Subjects are not in order except for the sub-group for the Synonyms for God. The four Main groups are:

1. God – these nine (number concept 9 – representing the need for spiritualizing thought.) are all about the synonyms for God plus subjects that pertain to God:    

A. God (Principle)

B. Life

C. Truth

D. Love

E. Spirit

F. Soul

G. Mind

H. God the only Cause and Creator

I. God the Preserver of Man


2.  Man – (Christ) These six (number concept 6 – represents the Christ) Subjects pertain to the correct study of man and the ideal man:

A. Christ Jesus

B. Man

C. Adam and Fallen Man

D.Mortals and Immortals

E. Soul and body

F. Is the Universe, Including Man, Evolved by Atomic Force?


3.  Christian Doctrines – These seven (number concept 7 represents the Synonyms and completeness, perfection) deal directly towards correcting key or main misconceptions regarding Christianity:

A. Sacrament

B. Are Sin, Disease, and Death Real?

C. Doctrine of Atonement

D. Probation After Death

E. Everlasting Punishment

F. Ancient and Modern Necromancy, alias Mesmerism and Hypnotism, Denounced

G. Thanksgiving


4.  Science – These five (number concept 5 – represents the five senses) subjects are designed to counter the belief of the five senses:

A. Substance

B. Matter

C. Reality

D. Unreality

E. Christian Science


As sincere students of CS, we can also conclude these four represent the four sides of the City Foursquare which covers all spiritual dwelling as explained on pages 275-277 in S&H. (Why does the Compiler write S&H rather than SH? Because the “and” represents Life, Science represents Truth, and Health represents Love. S&H = Truth, Life, Love.)

1. God subjects represent the Word or Principle.

2. Man subjects represent the correct and true idea of Christ.

3. Christian Doctrines subjects represent Christianity.

4. Science subjects exclusively pertain to CS or Divine Science.


© 2015 Guines Wiley-Nieves





LOVE’S FOUR or the BALANCE OF LOVE (Concept of Four – Part 3)


Focusing thought on these Spiritual Number Concepts heals! Healing is a natural outcome of mentally dwelling on God, Life, Truth, Love, and His attributes.  During the writing of each blog, I learn, grow spiritually, gain new insights, and errors of thought are shoved off into nothingness.  Such is what happened this past week of writing and pondering this topic, specifically the groups of qualities and actions as detailed below.  Often the spiritual growth gained is effortless. At other times there seems to be an error in thought that is resistant to being exposed.  However, focusing on the wonderful revelations, which inevitably appear during the writing, is like pouring pure water into a glass in order to flush out dirty water. Truth exterminates error. The reader, too, can expect spiritual growth and healing as thought dwells on what is being shared.

Our presentation of the next Concept of Four – Love’s Four – must begin by mentioning Science and Health (SH) by Mary Baker Eddy, for it is in this book that all the spiritual concepts being presented on this site have been found. SH is a treasury of spiritual riches!  Over time, they have been noticed by the Compiler who studied them, organized them, gave them memorable names, uses them to spiritualize thought, transform character, heal, and shares them with others in the Spiritual Concepts Approach (SCA).    Being one of the SCA students, I am describing and illustrating, for interested and serious students of Christian Science (CS), the number concepts first because they are basic and necessary to understand.  Eventually we will show how to use them in the study of the Bible Lesson (BL) and the Pastor to gain more of the spiritual sense embedded in these books. 

Each number concept has its own pattern and symbolic design.  Love’s Four is built on four words, loving qualities or actions of Love: the Love Omnis.  Another name for this number concept is the Balance of Love.  Balance means stability, firmness, soundness, constancy. Love, being basic to Jesus’ teachings, foundational to CS teachings, and essential to marriage and to healing, one can often arrange the four love words into the shape of a symbolic square that would represent the foundation of a basic four-sided structure to support such institutions as home, marriage, family, church.

We begin with two examples of Love’s Four which come appropriately from the chapter “Marriage.”  The first one illustrates the four foundational qualities of marriage. They show HOW TO BE a harmonious couple.  All are qualities of Love. Each one supports the other three.  All four are essential.

Both sexes should be 1 loving, 2 pure, 3 tender, and 4 strong. RH (SH 57:10-11)

  • loving
  • pure
  • tender
  • strong


Mrs. Eddy is very clear on WHAT LOVE DOES. How important that the love of Love is present in every home, especially where children are being raised.  It is their foundation for upright character building and thriving natures. In this sentence, the placement of the four verbs is in a specific order. One supports the next in ascending order.  Each action shows the omni-active nature of Love, constantly and impersonally pouring out blessings to everyone everywhere.

Love 1 enriches the nature, 2 enlarging, 3 purifying, and 4 elevating it.  S (SH 57:23-24)  

  • enriches
  • enlarges
  • purifies
  • elevates


Although these qualities may seem to be on the human or relative level, they are Spirit’s doing, and so are spiritual.  Spirit, not man, creates. (SH 335:7-8) Is there a more loving expression of God as our Father-Mother than this?

 Spirit duly 1 feeds and 2 clothes every object, as it appears in the line of spiritual creation, thus 3 tenderly expressing the fatherhood and 4 motherhood of God. S (SH 507:3-6)   

  • feeds
  • clothes
  • tenderly expressing fatherhood
  • tenderly expressing motherhood


Mrs. Eddy reveals specific loving ATTITUDES for effective PRAYER. Four important qualities that should be present in our prayers and which we should sincerely feel are included in the next citation.  Aspiration is desire or yearning. Humility knows that with God’s power alone, not ours, all things are possible. We live gratitude by obeying and loving the teachings of Jesus and Christian Science.

If we feel the 1 aspiration, 2 humility, 3 gratitude, and 4 love which our words express, — this God accepts; and it is wise not to try to deceive ourselves or others, for “there is nothing covered that shall not be revealed.” M (SH 8:14-18)    

  • aspiration
  • humility
  • gratitude
  • love


 God-impelled action is the BASIS OF PRAYER.  Sincere prayer leads to action.  Patience is active.  Rather than waiting around for God to do something, we patiently trust, know and affirm that He has already done all, that His creation is complete, good, and ever revealing itself.  Meekness looks to God, not man, as the Giver of all right ideas, right motives (love), and perfect implementation (good deeds).

What we most need is the prayer of fervent desire for growth in grace, expressed in 1 patience, 2 meekness3 love, and 4 good deeds. M (SH 4:3-5)

  • patience
  • meekness
  • love
  • good deeds



In contrast, these four words are all in the absolute.  Balance of Love is in the absolute. No mention of man is included.

From 1 Love and from the 2 light and 3 harmony which are the abode of Spirit, only reflections of 4 good can come. A (SH 280:4-6) 

  • Love
  • light
  • harmony
  • good


Love Qualities in our PRACTICE of Christian Science

Love 1 inspires2 illumines, 3 designates, and 4 leads the way. A (SH 454:18-19)

Love’s blessings are ordered and logical. Love’s inspiration first gives light which shows the way, and then Love takes the lead!  There is no mention of man at all.  God, expressed as the Balance of Love, guides towards the absolute where all is perfect.  

  • inspires
  • illumines
  • designates
  • leads


Under the marginal heading of THE DIVINE LOVELINESS is this final passage from SH.  Looking for higher, more spiritual meanings, expression = manifestation, form = order, outline = design, color = light, charms = harmony, beauty. Since the charms are God’s they must be spiritual and pure.

Beauty is a thing of life, which dwells forever in the eternal Mind and reflects the charms of His goodness in 1 expression, 2 form, 3 outline, and 4 color. (SH 247:21) 

  • expression
  • form
  • outline
  • color



The Lord is 1 gracious, and full of 2 compassion; 3 slow to anger, and of great 4 mercyS (Ps. 145:8) 

  • gracious
  • compassionate
  • well tempered
  • merciful


Or despisest thou the riches of his 1 goodness and 2 forbearance and 3 longsuffering; not knowing that the goodness of God 4 leadeth thee to repentance?  (Rom 2:4)  

  • goodness
  • patience
  • tolerance
  • leadeth



  • A second name is the Balance of Love.
  • A third name is the Love Omnis.
  • It consists of four love words, either attributes or actions.
  • The four words form a firm foundation and solid basis of being and action.
  • The four words can be in ascending order.
  • The bulleted love words can be listed as Attributes of Love.
  • The bulleted love words can be listed as Actions of Love.
  • Dwelling on these attributes and actions heals.



                   (Concept of Four – Part 4)





QUESTION:  Would you please give a brief overview of the twelve Spiritual Number Concepts?

 ANSWER:  The twelve are described here in simple terms.  For more detail, please go to the blogs corresponding to each.  Links to the respective blogs will be included below.  New links will be added as the future number concepts blogs are posted.

 Please note: each of these number concepts is found in both the KJV Bible and Science and Health (SH), our Pastor. They are not found in any other Bible translation.  Why? Because the books of the Pastor are the result of divine inspiration, listening to and receiving the Word of God rather than man’s literal interpretation of the Word.






1. God only, no mention of man. These are short statements in the absolute.

2. God and man: coexistence, Immanuel, God with us, God and man, Principle and idea, being.

3. Allness; All-in-all; all inclusive; God, man, and the universe.





 1. Cause and Effect is determined by a two-word pattern found in short passages.

2. Propositions: identified by if …then; when … then; because … then

3. Usually the passages have to do with Christ, Jesus, Science, or Truth.





1. Life, Truth, Love – the Three Omnis (LTLv)

2. This number concept appears as a three-word pattern.

3. Science and Health is about the divine Laws of LTLv. (SH 107:1)

4. Both Christ Jesus and Mrs. Eddy did things in three’s.





1. The Law of Love: corresponds to Principle.

2. Balance of Love: a four-word pattern of Love words. Corresponds to Love.

3. City Foursquare: a four-word pattern corresponding to the four sides of the Holy City. (Revelation 21 and SH pp. 575-577) Corresponds to Truth.

4. Four Omnis: a four-word pattern of Omni-action words. Corresponds to Life.

5. Four kinds of sentences and verses: absolute, spiritual, metaphysical, relative.

6. The four levels of thought or consciousness within citations in SH.

7. Four groupings related to the Lesson Sermon Subjects and SH.

 8. All other references noting fours in SH and the Bible.





1. Concept of five is consistently found in a five-word pattern.

2. This concept always has something to do with the five material senses, either identifying them or refuting them.


The 1 blood, 2 heart, 3 lungs, 4 brain, 5 etc., have nothing to do with Life, God.  (SH151: 18-19)

3. Five steps delineated in paragraphs of SH for man to follow in order to free himself from the entrapments of the five senses.





1. The Six can appear as two three-word patterns.

2. This means a double portion of three (LTLv).

3. It also means transcendence, transformation, transfiguration, translation.

4. When a six-word pattern is identified, it refers to the Christ idea in SH and the New Testament, or the presence of the Christ in the Old Testament.


1 Having no other gods, 2 turning to no other but the one perfect Mind 3 to guide him, man 4 is the likeness of God, pure and eternal, 5 having that Mind which 6 was also in Christ.  (467:13) 





1. Its citation will have a seven-word pattern.

2. Some of this concept’s meanings are Allness, completeness, the seven Synonyms.


Let 1 unselfishness, 2 goodness, 3 mercy, 4 justice5 health, 6 holiness7 love — the  kingdom of heaven — reign within us, and  sin,  disease, and death will diminish until they finally disappear. (248:29)





1. This is a double portion of four: Balance of Love, City Foursquare, Four Omnis, Omni-action.

2. An eight-word pattern is evidence of the concept.


The 1 sinless joy, — the 2 perfect harmony and immortality of Life, possessing unlimited 4 divine beauty and goodness without a single 5 bodily pleasure or pain, — constitutes the only 6 veritable, 7 indestructible man, whose being is 8 spiritual(SH 76:22)





1. A nine-word pattern will be the indicator of this concept.

2. The meaning will consistently point to the need to be spiritualized, or that the passage involves spiritualizing thought.  Spiritual has nine letters.

3. It can also be a reminder to be principled.  Principle has nine letters.


 And we solemnly 1 promise 2 to watch, and 3 pray for that Mind 4 to be in us which 5 was also in Christ Jesus; 6 to do unto others as we 7 would have them  8 do unto us; and 9 to be merciful,  just, and  pure.  (SH 497:24-27)




Note: These higher number patterns appear mostly in the Bible as one will see with the examples to each of these spiritual numbers concepts.



1. By now, the reader knows this will be a ten-word pattern.

2. The meaning of this concept is completeness, and perfection.

3. The Ten Commandments come to thought.

4.  Any citation having ten mentioned falls under this concept, including the complete concept of the Christ, the pure milk, the whole ear, the whole garment. One can look up ten lepers, ten virgins, ten days, ten pieces, ten shekels, ten sons, ten talents, ten thousand, ten years, tithing, etc. 


 But the fruit of the Spirit is 1 love, 2 joy, 3 peace, 4 longsuffering, 5 gentleness, 6 goodness, 7 faith, 8 Meekness, 9 temperance: against such there is no 10 law. (Gal. 5:22, 23)





1. This concept is very rare.

2. The eleven-word pattern has two meanings: completeness is the first.

3. The second meaning is a combination of 10 (perfection) plus 1 God (or the need of 1 God).


I am persuaded, that neither 1 death, nor 2 life, nor 3 angels, nor 4 principalities, nor 5 powers, nor 6 things present, nor 7 things to come, Nor 8 height, nor 9 depth, nor any 10 other creature, shall be able to separate us from the  love of 11 God, which is in Christ Jesus our Lord.  (Rom. 8:38, 39)




1. The last of the number concepts also carries the meaning of completeness, as well as Allness, and God’s all inclusiveness.

2. Not surprisingly, it is identified by a twelve-word pattern.

3. One thinks of the twelve tribes of Israel, the twelve disciples.


Christian Science 1 brings to the body the sunlight of Truth, which 2 invigorates and 3 purifies. Christian Science 4 acts as an alterative, 5 neutralizing error with Truth. It 6 changes the secretions, 7 expels humors, 8 dissolves tumors, 9 relaxes rigid muscles, 10 restores carious bones to soundness. The effect of this Science is 11 to stir the human mind to a change of base, on which it 12 may yield to the harmony of the divine Mind.  (SH 162:4)


NOTE:  Having been studying, identifying and applying these number concepts in  the Bible Lesson for over two and a half years, I can attest to the fact that these concepts are mathematically consistent both in their word patterns and their spiritual meanings.  They ALWAYS reflect accurately the spiritual sense of the passage, and OFTEN reveal content that would otherwise have been overlooked.  This is true for both the KJV Bible and Science and Health.

Once one sees this for themselves, no other way of studying will be as spiritually illuminating or metaphysically satisfying.


Number Concepts Translated into God’s Laws

 Explaining the inspiration and healing one has received after applying the SCA to a citation can be a challenge.  Referring to a Concept of Three, for instance, means nothing to the listener and takes some time to explain. After much prayer, this inspiration came to thought which gives the perfect solution.  Translate each number concept into a Law of God.  Most Christian Scientists are familiar with the article “God’s Law of Adjustment” written by Adam Dickey.  So communicating in terms of God’s laws is easier for the hearer to grasp, and it is also conveying a truth.

Every spiritual number concept is written below as a Law of God that includes the spiritual meanings.


  • God’s Law of Oneness or Law of One God
  • Law of Coexistence
  • Law of Immanuel
  • Law of Principle and idea
  • Law of Being
  • Law of God with Us
  • Law of Allness
  • Law of All-in-all
  • Law of God and the universe
  • Law of God, man, and the universe



  • God’s Law of Cause and Effect



  • God’s divine Laws of Life, Truth and Love



  • God’s Law of Love
  • Law of Love’s Four
  • Law of Foursquare
  • Law of Omni-action
  • Law of Four levels of thought



  • God’s Law refuting the five senses
  • God’s Law overcoming the evidence of the five senses



  • God’s Law of Life, Truth, Love (double portion of)
  • Law of Transcendence
  • Law of Transformation
  • Law of Transfiguration
  • Law of Translation
  • Law of the Christ idea
  • Law of the Christ presence



  • God’s Law of Allness and the Seven Synonyms
  • Law of Completeness and Perfection


Concept of Eight becomes:

  • God’s Law of Love (double portion of)
  • Law of Love’s Four, doubled
  • Law of Foursquare, doubled
  • Law of Omni-action, doubled



  • God’s Law of Spiritualization
  • Law of Principle



  • God’s Law of Completeness
  • Law of Perfection



  • Law of Completeness plus (or the need for) one God



  • God’s Law symbolizing qualities of the 12 Tribes and 12 Apostles
  • Law of Allness
  • Law of God’s All-inclusiveness







FOUR KINDS OF SENTENCES (Concept of Four – Part 2)


This blog topic may seem new, even original, although it has existed in the pages of Science and Health (SH) since its final publication in 1910. That there are four levels of sentences is revelatory and most important for the serious student of Christian Science (CS) to understand. Being able to identify the levels is an innovative, metaphysical, Spiritual Concepts Approach (SCA) tool that can be used by any sincere student. Knowing the KJV and SH in particular are written on different levels of thought will make reading and understanding our Pastor and the Bible Lesson (BL) clearer and, therefore, easier to demonstrate and will be able to explain them more accurately. Often these levels occur in one long sentence in SH.

This can be compared to music in which there are key changes, sharps and flats and natural notes to navigate as the harmony flows upward and downward. A skilled musician will recognize these changes and replicate the notes harmoniously, whereas an untrained student, ignorant of the laws of music, will produce many sour notes.

Woven into the text of SH are changes in the levels of thought, from relative to the metaphysical, spiritual to the absolute. These are for the purpose of addressing the different readers: the novice; the beginning student; the real sincere student; and the skeptic of CS, or one who is anti-CS. When these levels are pointed out and explained, the spiritual message is easier to understand and demonstrate. But without an explanation, the reader, especially one new to Science, may find it difficult to follow what he is reading and might resort to guesswork, which never works. For success in applying CS, one must be 100% accurate. So this knowledge and understanding regarding the kinds of sentences, which vary according to the meaning, becomes essential.

Although this blog is featuring SH, these variations of thought levels are just as evident in the KJV Bible citations as well. Examples from the Bible will be included at the end of each category. This is further evidence that both books have important similarities and are meant to go together. It has already been shown in previous blogs that the spiritual number concepts are present in both books.



To know there are varying levels of thought in the text of both SH and the KJV Bible is especially important for SS teachers to grasp in order to teach and explain CS clearly to their students, who in turn, will be able to read and understand both books with ease. Those who become familiar with the thought and language of these books from an early age through their education in SS, will grow to love the message of both and won’t need to rely on other Bible translations whose language is far afield from that of SH. In addition, their confidence in Science will quickly be evident and grow.

Mrs. Eddy included more than 700 KJV citations in SH. She didn’t have a high regard for most other Bible translations. SS Teachers, and young adults graduating from our SS, should have a strong facility in reading and understanding the original English of both SH and KJV.



Beginning with the highest, there are four kinds of sentences throughout SH:

1.  Absolute

2.  Spiritual

3.  Metaphysical

4.  Relative

Within each level are found words to indicate the thought Mrs. Eddy is addressing and which act as guideposts to the reader.



One very clear proof of the existence of these four levels of sentences, and four levels of thought, is the following explanation of terms:

The terms 1 Divine Science, 2 Spiritual Science, 3 Christ Science or Christian Science, or 4 Science alone, she employs interchangeably, according to the requirements of the context. These synonymous terms stand for everything relating to God, the infinite, supreme, eternal Mind. It may be said, however, that the term Christian Science relates especially to Science as applied to humanity. (SH 127:9-16)   

(The SCA definition of CS is God’s Laws applied to man – God’s laws of Life Truth and Love, or LTLv.) (SH 107:1)

The four synonymous terms for Christian Science are numbered, starting with the highest, and underlined.

1.  Divine Science is on the absolute level. The indicator is the word divine.

2.  Spiritual Science is on the spiritual level. The indicator is the word spiritual.

3.  Christ Science/Christian Science are on the metaphysical level.

4.  Science is on the relative level.

(Science alone can refer to the many academic science disciplines throughout S&H: Agriculture, Astronomy, Chemistry, Geology, Logic, Mathematics, Metallurgy, Music, Optics, Physics, and many more.)

The fact that Mrs. Eddy “employs (these terms) interchangeably, according to the requirements of the context” is an undeniable proof of different levels of meaning.

A second SH citation to illustrate the existence of four levels was discovered by the Compiler of the SCA when he read:

The way through which immortality and life are learned is not ecclesiastical but Christian, not human but divine, not physical but metaphysical, not material but scientifically spiritual(SH 98:31-2)

With so many descriptive words here, eight in all, how is one to unscramble them? The SCA makes it easy! Let’s find the pattern. There are two patterns: not appears four times as does but.

The way through which immortality and life are learned is not ecclesiastical but Christian, not human but divine, not physical but metaphysical, not material but scientifically spiritual. (SH 98:31-2)

The four NOT words are ecclesiastical, human, physical, material. These are NOT the way to immortality and life because they are on the lowest level, the mortal and material, which we call relative.

The four BUT words are Christian, divine, metaphysical, spiritual. One can see that these are on four different and distinct levels. To coincide with the first example of the four levels above, we will number them from the top down:

1.  divine (ABSOLUTE)

2.  spiritual (SPIRITUAL)

3.  metaphysical (METAPHYSICAL)

4.  Christian (RELATIVE)



One who has been following this blog will be familiar with this term. It was introduced in the Concept of One – Part One.  The absolute refers to a statement that is about God or pertains to God only, with no mention of man or any other thing related to the human or material.

” Spirit is positive.” (173:13 (only)

When discussing the absolute sentence, the same rule applies, that there is no mention of man. The reason for this is explained by Mrs. Eddy when she writes:

The starting-point of divine Science is that God, Spirit, is All-in-all, and that there is no other might nor Mind, — that God is Love, and therefore He is divine Principle. (SH 275:6-9)

One experienced with CS metaphysical prayer knows this statement is true, that one starts with God and fills thought with nothing else. The absolute is where we go in prayer for healing. So it is important that we know what it is and which citations are in the absolute so they can be beneficially applied! Looking again at the sentence above, it is in the absolute.

The sentence is about God only. There is also the word divine twice. Divine in a  citation is a second indicator that a sentence is considered absolute. Divine is the highest elevated thought.

“Spirit is the only substance and consciousness recognized by divine Science.” (SH 278:4-5) A (absolute)

This is another absolute statement. It is about God only. And the word divine is included. When one sees this sentence in SH or the Bible Lesson (BL), one would write an “A” at the end of the sentence to indicate it is absolute. This helps one keep track of the various kinds of sentences in SH and our BL.

The identification points of an absolute citation are:

  • The citation is about God only.
  • The word divine might be included, but not always.
  • There is no mention of man; man is spiritual, never absolute, never a divinity, never divine, but only reflects the divine nature. (SH 475:11-13; 250:12-13; 336:28-30)

More examples of absolute citations from SH: 6:5–6; 13:2-3; 88:10-11 Ideas; 89: 19-20; 298:2-3; 311:4–6 (to 1st .); 331:16; 481:3-4.

From the KJV: Gen 1:31; Deut. 32:4; Ps. 105:31; Isa. 45:5 (to :); Jer. 32:17; I John 1:5 God; I John 4:8 (for); Rev. 19:6 Alleluia.



Just below the absolute is the spiritual type of sentence. Specific ways it can be identified:

  • The word spiritual sometimes appears in it.
  • It has a universal theme, and might include a form of the word universe.
  • It’s tone is one of informing, educating, presenting a spiritual fact.
  • When man appears in a spiritual sentence, it is mostly as spiritual idea man.
  • It contains specific reference to God, science, or one or more synonyms for God.
  • It may mention elements and references of mortals, materiality, and the human.

Belief is changeable, but spiritual understanding is changeless. S (Spiritual) (SH 96:23-24)

The obvious clue is the word spiritual.  Spiritual sentences are marked with S at the end.

Please pay attention to the tone in the next example. The sentence is informative, presenting a fact about the new tongue in the book of Mark (Mk. 16:17).

God’s essential language is spoken of in the last chapter of Mark’s Gospel as the new tongue, the spiritual meaning of which is attained through “signs following. S (SH 117:10-13)

Another clue is illustrated in the next citation which has an obvious universal theme.

When the Science of being is universally understood, every man will be his own physician, and Truth will be the universal panacea. S (SH 144:27)

Often in a spiritual citation, the word spiritual cannot be found. In that case, the intention behind the statement itself will guide one’s identification of the type. Is it educating the reader of a fact? Is it imparting information? With practice, one will become quite adept at identifying a spiritual sentence.

The final example in this section has none of the obvious spiritual and universal word clues, but the theme is about spiritual man, reflection. In addition, the manner of the sentence is one of stating a fact, with a more matter-of-fact feel.

“Man is, and forever has been, God’s reflection.” S (SH 471:17-18)

Several references from SH on the spiritual level: 89:18–19; 171:12; 331:13 only; 481:2–3; 505:16–17; 506:11-12; 516:19.

From the KJV: Job 32:8; Ps. 18:30; Ps. 77:14; Ps. 119:137; Matt. 9:35; Matt. 16:16; John 1:17; II Cor. 3:17 where.




Metaphysical statements are wonderful tools for giving treatments, for oneself or others.  So it is highly useful to be able to identify them in SH.

Sentences and citations are considered metaphysical when:

  • They instruct, command, recommend.
  • They include a specific imperative that one must perform (or another word).
  • They include a rule.
  • They indicate a clear and definite application, or action to take.
  • They might include the word must, let.
  • The word scientific might be included. Human man in these citations moves and changes as he is spiritualized.
  • They urge man to go higher spiritually and depend on being
  • They can be used as a treatment. (Examples follow.)

Let us disrobe error.” M (Metaphysical) (SH 201:14 Let (only, to 2nd .)

The word let is a hint here because it indicates action is to be taken. Let is an imperative used to express intention and instruction.

(You) Hold thought steadfastly to the enduring, the good, and the true, and you will bring these into your experience proportionably to their occupancy of your thoughts. (SH 261:1)

There is an implied “you” at the beginning of most metaphysical instructing citations.

Turned into a treatment, it becomes:

I can hold thought steadfastly, constantly, to qualities of Life (activity, endurance, movement), Love (selflessness, kindness, harmony) and Truth (honesty, purity, strength). I am grateful to continuously dwell on them in thought and know they will be active in my experience as long as I do.


To be immortal, we must forsake the mortal sense of things, turn from the lie of false belief to Truth, and gather the facts of being from the divine Mind. (SH 370:2-5)

Must is another word that provides a clue that a citation is metaphysical. There are hundreds of citations with must in Science and Health, many of them declaring an instruction, a command, or a rule in Science. These are metaphysical.

This is how it can be used as a treatment:

(For me) to be immortal, I must and shall forsake the mortal sense of things. I will be alert to turn away from any lie of false belief to Truth, and so will gather the facts of being from the divine Mind.


The chapter “Christian Science Practice” is chock full of metaphysical sentences.

(You) Be firm in your understanding that the divine Mind governs, and that in Science man reflects God’s government. M (SH 393:16-18)

Often at the beginning of a sentence is a clear command. “Be firm” is one of those indicators, being very direct, implying that one has to do this. One can reword it as, “You be firm.”

Reworded as a treatment:

I know and understand without a doubt that the divine Mind governs me and all, and that I reflect His government, guidance, protection, and care.


“Mentally contradict every complaint from the body, and rise to the true consciousness of Life as Love, — as all that is pure, and bearing the fruits of Spirit.” (SH 391:29-32)


I will gratefully and vehemently contradict every supposed complaint from the body with facts of Truth. Lifting thought to Life and Love, I will fill my consciousness with health, purity, peace, harmony, wholeness, and holiness, the fruits of Spirit.

Or more simply put:

I mentally contradict every complaint from the body, and so rise to the true consciousness of Life as Love, — as all that is pure, and bearing the fruits of Spirit.


“Declare that you are not hurt and understand the reason why, and you will find the ensuing good effects to be in exact proportion to your disbelief in physics, and your fidelity to divine metaphysics, confidence in God as All, which the Scriptures declare Him to be.” (SH 397:17-22 Declare)

A more advanced treatment:

(When a so-called accident seems happens), I will immediately declare and understand that I am not hurt because I can dwell on never falling away from God’s ever-present law of perfection, harmony and love which is my defense and protection. I am a spiritual idea governed and maintained by Principle’s divine metaphysics, not physics. I have complete confidence in Spirit, Good: Omnipotence, Omnipresence, Omniscience, Omni-action.

This treatment made simple:

(When a so-called accident seems happens, declare),” I am not hurt and I understand the reason why and I will find the ensuing good effects to be in exact proportion or dwelling to my disbelief in physics, and my fidelity to divine metaphysics, confident in God as All, which the Scriptures declare him to be.”


 “Rejoice evermore. Pray without ceasing. In every thing give thanks: for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus concerning you.” (I Thess 5:16-18)

My Bible-based treatment:  

I will rejoice, pray, and give gratitude constantly. Because this is God’s will for me, then this is my daily, hourly, minute-by-minute desire to fulfill.


Examples of metaphysical citations from SH are: 183:23-24; 233:1–2;

239:5-7; 239:16-18; 412:23–31; 428:19; 571:16–18.

From the KJV: Ps. 108:3, 4, 13 (to :); Prov. 3:5, 6; Isaiah 55:7; Luke 8:46; I John 4:7; I John 4:11.



Now we arrive at the lowest level, where mortal mind and human sense reside. These sentences are about the false sense of life and man as material, matter, and mortal.

Words that identify a sentence as relative are:

  • Error
  • Human
  • Physical
  • Material
  • Matter
  • Mortal or mortals
  • Mortal man, a false concept of man, does not desire to progress or change. This false sense, this Adam dream, does not touch the real man. (SH 282:28-3)

Mortal existence is an enigma.” R (Relative) (SH 70:1 Mortal (only))

What can be more relative than this? Place a blue (or other color) R after the sentence to indicate it has been identified.

“Their opposites, evil and matter, are mortal error, and error has no creator.” R (SH 277:9-10)

Matter never produces mind.” R (SH 277:5-6)

“The moral law, which has the right to acquit or condemn, always demands restitution before mortals can “go up higher.” R (SH 11:8-10)

Now that these relative statements have been identified, what do we do with them? Pay attention to the error that has been exposed, and then dismiss it as unreal, therefore untrue. Why? “Matter is an error of statement.” R (277:26-27)

“Science reverses the false testimony of the physical senses, and by this reversal mortals arrive at the fundamental facts of being. (SH 120:7-9)

Applying this rule of reversal or inversion, one turns the untrue into the true. (SH 113:26; 282:31-1)

“Mortal existence is an enigma” becomes Life is reality, or Life is Truth.

 Several more examples of relative statements from SH are: 90:14; 92:29; 183:24; 250:6–7; 278:12-14; 285:16-17; 304:18-19; 335:14; 476:1 only; 476:6 only.

From the KJV: II Kings 18:13; Mark 2:15; Luke 2:33; Luke 15:13-16, John 6:16–19; Acts 14:19.



Agassiz, the celebrated naturalist and author, has wisely said: “Every great scientific truth goes through three stages. First, people say it conflicts with the Bible. Next, they say it has been discovered before. Lastly, they say they have always believed it.” (SH 104:8)

By now the readers realize there are definitely four types of sentences in SH: Absolute, Spiritual, Metaphysical, Relative. Each one has its own identification tags or words.

The absolute is the infinite realm of the Allness of God. The absolute holds thought with Principle, Love, where healing takes place.

“For God is infinite, all-power, all Life, Truth, Love, over all, and All.” (SH 17:14)

The spiritual is where one finds the highest concept of man as spiritual idea. It is informative in nature, and guides us to think, speak, and act in the spiritual as Jesus did. (Matt. 4:23; 9:34)

“There is but one spiritual existence, — the Life of which corporeal sense can take no cognizance.” (SH 72:1-2)

The metaphysical statement is used in treatment. It is an instructional springboard to lift thought to the spiritual and absolute.

“Rise in the conscious strength of the spirit of Truth to overthrow the plea of mortal mind, alias matter, arrayed against the supremacy of Spirit.” (SH 390:32-2)

The relative is on the mortal, material level and needs to be questioned, then either reversed and replaced by the spiritual, or tossed out.

“Material sense lifts its voice with the arrogance of reality and says:I am wholly dishonest, and no man knoweth it.” (252:16-18)

* * *

HOMEWORK for practice: Please identify the following sentences from SH. Send your answers to .

1. God is All-in-all. (SH 113:16 God (only))

2. Matter neither sees, hears, nor feels. (SH 467:28 (only, to 2nd .))

3. When the illusion of sickness or sin tempts you, cling steadfastly to God and His idea. (SH 495:14-15)

4. The miracle of grace is no miracle to Love. (SH 494:15 The (only))

5. Whatever is material is mortal. (SH 477:9 Whatever (only))

6. Life and being are of God. (SH 103:31-32)

7. Allow nothing but His likeness to abide in your thought. (SH 495:15-16)

8. God will heal the sick through man, whenever man is governed by God. (SH 495:1-2)

9. The supposititious parent of evil is a lie. (SH 480:24-25 The)

10. Let neither fear nor doubt overshadow your clear sense and calm trust, that the recognition of life harmonious — as Life eternally is — can destroy any painful sense of, or belief in, that which Life is not. (SH 495:16-20)

11. For God is infinite, all-power, all Life, Truth, Love, over all, and All. (SH 17:14-15)

12. The spiritual man’s consciousness and individuality are reflections of God. (SH 336:14-15)



  1. A
    1. R 
      1. M
        1. S
          1. R
            1. A
              1. M
                1. S
                  1. R
                    1. M
                      1. A
                        1. S


* * *









The number concepts along with scores of other concepts, have been woven invisibly into the wording of our Pastor and the Bible Lesson like a beautiful brocade.  The form and texture, the interplay of concepts, lie unnoticed until the Spiritual Concepts Approach (SCA) student begins to unveil them. With practice, intentionally looking for the various concepts while reading, marking them with a colored pencil according to the rules, they become more easily identified. Along with the numbers, there are other metaphysical and spiritual concepts to be found and more spiritual meaning within the text to be comprehended.

With the SCA, we are glimpsing the framework of the spiritual universe. As with numbers and notes, there is a science, a design, a divine plan, the structure of which becomes apparent in this study, and this science is provable with definite results!  It isn’t material, human, or something purposefully made up.  It is found within the written words when following the SCA guidelines.



As with numbers and musical notes, there exists harmonious designs, laws, which lead to accuracy, perfection, harmony, utility.  When studying music, one must know music theory, the rules of notes and rhythm in order to compose, interpret or perform, from catchy jingles to great symphonies.

Similarly, understanding the science of numbers flows through many subjects: chemistry, physics, engineering, astronomy, gastronomy, accounting, balancing a personal checkbook to inventions for the good of mankind.

Mary Baker Eddy is the first and only writer in history to prove that Christianity is a science by incorporating many academic disciplines, such as the sciences just listed.

Music and math are metaphysical. 

“In Science man is governed by God, divine Principle, as
numbers are controlled and proved by His laws.”  (SH 318:28-30 In)

“De Quincey says mathematics has not a foot to stand upon which is not purely metaphysical.”  (SH 113:14-15)

The Compiler of the SCA is making his Supplement article titled “Mary Baker Eddy on Numbers” available on this site.  It follows this blog article, – just scroll down.   It is important to understand the value of numbers as ideas based on Principle. In the SCA, numbers lead thought up to God.

Each number concept presented in the SCA and on this blog includes its own unique meaning. The purpose is to draw out or show this same meaning invisibly woven into the citation.  When the number count is accurately made, and the number concept is determined, the signification of the passage is enriched and more meaning revealed. 

NOTE: It should be remembered that there are just twelve (12) number concepts. Twelve in itself represents the symbolic meaning of the biblical twelve tribes of Israel. The twelve apostles represent these tribes with their own corresponding meaning or qualities.

Please keep in thought: The number concepts and concept coding work only with the KJV Bible and Science and Health (including some of Mrs. Eddy’s other writings). SCA students applied this method with other Bible translations and found it does not work. 



Throughout Science and Health there are eight variations or types associated with the Concept of Four; for now, however, we will discuss just five.

1. Law of Love – Golden Rule

2. Love’s Four  – The Love Omnis

3. The Holy City, or Foursquare – our mental habitation

4. Four Omnis – LTLvP, Omni-action words


Also, in a category of their own, there are:

5. Four kinds of sentences throughout Science and Health:

>The Relative

>The Metaphysical

>The Spiritual

>The Absolute

Mrs. Eddy points out there are not just two kinds of citations in Science and Health, relative and absolute, but four. Most Teachers of Christian Science teach just two. This is not quite accurate. In SH 98:31, Mrs. Eddy mentions clearly the four types of sentences, and it is very important to be aware of them.

This is such an important subject to understand.  Our practice of Christian Science depends on it. So rather than following the order listed above with Love’s Four as the logical topic for the next Blog, the subject will be the four kinds of sentences, discussing and proving the presence of these four distinct types of citations throughout Science and Health. There is much to learn regarding them, how very instrumental they are in comprehending Science, as well as how to utilize them accurately in correcting thought and in Christian Science treatment.

For sure, this Blog Concept of Four topic will have five parts!


Each type of Concept of Four aligns with the four sides of the Holy City (Rev. 21:16), each side representing a Synonym: Life, Truth, Love, and Principle. (SH 575:17-20)

  • Law of Love = Principle
  • Love’s Four (Love words) = Love
  • Holy City or Foursquare (our mental habitation) = Truth
  • Four Omnis (Omni-action words) = Life

Now we have the Four Omnis!  

Each appearance of the Concept of Four in a citation will include the Four Omnis in its pattern, four verbs, four nouns, four phrases, or four sentences.

Right away, a part of the framework behind Science becomes apparent, made visible by understanding the number concepts.

As the divine design becomes clearer, it shows the One Mind encompassing the Science of divine healing.  The attributes one begins to discern all point to the absolute Principle, Love:  order, harmony, oneness, form, power, thought, revelation, wisdom governing the whole, constancy, completeness.


1. LAW OF LOVEPrinciple

What does Principle have to do with Love?  Love and Principle are closely related.  There are many citations that indicate this as entering “Love  Principle” in Concord will prove: (SH 51:24; 256:7; 261:2-4; 286:13; 330:20; 331:18; 520:7-9; 567:9-11; 496:15)  Both fulfill God’s Law.  (SH 572:12-17)


Obedience is the offspring of Love; and Love is the Principle of unity, the basis of all right thinking and acting; it fulfils the law. We 1 see eye to eye and 2 know as we are known, 3 reciprocate kindness and 4 work wisely, in proportion as we love.  (Mis. 117:13)

Notice in the second sentence the pattern of four coinciding with the subject of Love.  The number Concept of Four reflects Love! 

We 1 see eye to eye and 2 know as we are known, 3 reciprocate kindness and 4 work wisely, in proportion as we love.

Can this be mere coincidence?  No!  One will see that it is a mathematical certainty, as certain as 2 + 2 = 4, that the number concept four is present when the substance of the sentence is love. Even when love isn’t obvious in the text, if the concept of four is there, if we notice an obvious pattern of four verbs, it will have something to do with love or Love. 


Love fulfils the law of Christian Science, and nothing short of this divine Principle, understood and demonstrated, can ever furnish the vision of the Apocalypse, open the seven seals of error with Truth, or uncover the myriad illusions of sin, sickness, and death.  (SH 572:12-17)  

Love fulfills Jesus’ command to love God and man.

Care to guess what number concept we will find in this sentence?  Count the verbs first.

Love 1 fulfils the law of Christian Science, and nothing short of this divine Principle, understood and demonstrated, can ever 2 furnish the vision of the Apocalypse, 3 open the seven seals of error with Truth, or 4 uncover the myriad illusions of sin, sickness, and death.  (SH 572:12-17)

What is interesting to note is the inclusion of John’s vision in Revelation of the symbol of the Holy City or foursquare which of itself is a concept of four. (Rev. 21:16)  Only Love is powerful enough to fulfill, furnish, open, uncover.  Love is Omnipotent.  Love is Law.  Love is All.


Jesus condensed the Ten Commandments into two Love Laws when he answered a lawyer’s question.   (Matt. 22:36-40)

36 Master, which is the great commandment in the law?

37 Jesus said unto him, Thou shalt love the Lord thy God with all thy heart, and with all thy soul, and with all thy mind.

38 This is the first and great commandment.

39 And the second is like unto it, Thou shalt love thy neighbour as thyself.

40 On these two commandments hang all the law and the prophets.

“Thou shalt” is very strong wording.  It is a command for us, his followers, and a law, the Law of Love;

It is foundational to our lives.   What else is noticed in this verse?  The pattern of four!  Why four?  Because it is about LOVE! 

37 Jesus said unto him, Thou shalt love the Lord thy 1 God with all thy 2 heart, and with all thy 3 soul, and with all thy 4 mind.

Now that the four words in the pattern, nouns in this case, have been numbered, they can be placed on the sides of the square of the foundation of the symbolic Holy City.

37 Jesus said unto him, Thou shalt love the Lord thy P God with all thy L heart, and with all thy Lv soul, and with all thy T mind.

39 And the second is like unto it, Thou shalt love C thy neighbour E as thyself. (This is referring back to our discussion of the Law of Cause and Effect, the pattern or Concept of Two.)

Love for both God and neighbor covers everyone.  Loving God with one’s all, it would be impossible not to have that love spill out to others.  Neighbour comes from the Greek meaning near, or close by; our fellow man. (Strong’s)  Really, neighbour includes anyone who comes to thought. (Mis. 12:25)  How are we thinking about someone, wherever they live?  If they are in our consciousness, they are part of our mental house, and our thoughts about them influence our lives as well.  Are we blessing or cursing (malpracticing) them? Our thoughts are not without consequence for ourselves. 

Verse 39 is a reiteration of The Golden Rule. (Matt. 7:12)  It can be interpreted several ways:

  • To love our neighbor after we love ourselves first.
  • To love him in the same way we love ourselves.
  • To love him as we would like to be loved, thought of, treated.
  • To love our neighbor as ourselves brings automatic reciprocity!

The Golden Rule is the Law of Love.


The definitions of material law, as given by natural science, represent a kingdom necessarily divided against itself, because these definitions portray law as physical, not spiritual. Therefore they contradict the divine decrees and violate the law of Love, in which nature and God are one and the natural order of heaven comes down to earth.   (SH 118:26) 

The second sentence explains the unifying force of the Law of Love whereby God is at one with his creation, and a coincidence of heaven and earth, the divine and human, the Law of Being.  In contrast, material law cannot stand before the completeness and perfection of the Law of Love.  Supporting the presence of this law is the number concept four.

Therefore they 1 contradict the divine decrees and 2 violate the law of Love, in which nature and God 3 are one and the natural order of heaven 4 comes down to earth.


The Law of Love protects man when he is living love for others, and Mrs. Eddy assures us we cannot be harmed as a result of following Jesus’ command to love others and following his Golden Rule.

Let us reassure ourselves with the law of Love. God never punishes man for doing right, for honest labor, or for deeds of kindness, though they expose him to fatigue, cold, heat, contagion.  (SH 384:5-9)

Let’s apply the SCA method to the second sentence and replace the several mortal images with metaphysical ones.  (SH 123:12)  Although there are several number concepts intertwined in this example, we are concerned only with the application of the Concept of Four.  Find those words that make up the pattern of four.

God never punishes man for doing right, for honest labor, or for deeds of kindness, though they expose him to 1 fatigue2 cold, 3 heat, 4 contagion.

Should we leave these four conditions as they are?  No way!  They are errors that need to be corrected.

  • Fatigue becomes refreshed.
  • Cold becomes warmth.
  • Heat becomes mild.
  • Contagion becomes health.

Also, punishes needs to be reversed because God does not punish righteousness, honesty or kindness, but benefits, blesses and rewards.

  • Punishes becomes benefits.

Nor do these qualities expose man to evil.

  • Expose becomes protect.

The sentence now reads:

God blesses man with benefits for doing right, for honest labor, or for deeds of kindness, and he is protected/shielded with constant refreshment, warmth, comfort, and health.

With the reversal of these four nouns, God’s love for us appears.  Doing good lifts man up and his Christlike nature shows forth.  It becomes a very simple, fun and a joyous experience to concept code. We just have to know how to look and apply the rules. Also, our children should enjoy learning and doing concept coding and the automatic benefits from this spiritually scientific application.


God is blessing me, His loved child, with well-being wherever I am. Listening to His angel thoughts, I know what is right to do, choose naturally the honest way to do this work, and hold the right view of others, thereby benefiting them.  In turn, God wraps me in His comforting Love and holds me safely, a sure defense against danger, discomfort, disease, death. I am grateful for ever-renewing energy, comfort in Love’s law, wholeness and eternal Life. In this prayer, I include everyone held in consciousness.


Jesus 1 aided in 2 reconciling man to God by 3 giving man a truer sense of Love, the divine Principle of Jesus’ teachings, and this truer sense of Love 4 redeems man from the law of matter, sin, and death by the law of Spirit, — the law of divine Love.  (SH 19:6-11)



1. Furnishes spiritual visions of reality.

2. Exposes error.

3. Uncovers sin, sickness, death.

4. Commands us to love God with our actions, our thoughts, our being.

5. Commands that we love (see) our fellow man as we love (see) ourselves.

6. Unifies God and His universe, including man.

7. Protects us when we live lovingly, kindly, honestly, righteously.

8. Blesses us.

9. Redeems us from beliefs of material law.

10. Overcomes sin and heals the sinner.


Love fulfills the law of Christian Science!  (SH 572:12)


Acknowledgement: I would like to thank the Compiler of the SCA for his dedicated and supportive shepherding, editing, and proofing to ensure every written statement is accurate.

Love inspires, illumines, designates, and leads the way!  (454:18-19)


Another inspired Sunday School game has been posted on the Resources Page.  (LINK)  Trinity: Man’s Reflection and Synonyms   (Please follow the link to the Resources Page and scroll down.)








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Mary Baker Eddy on Numbers  by Guines Wiley-Nieves  C.S.

Here is some information the Compiler found on “numbers” in Mary Baker Eddy’s writings.  This is helpful in explaining the Spiritual Concept Approach (SCA) and the number concepts.  Turning it back to Principle and God is what needs to be done.  People ask why and this explains the why clearly. 

This article is to counter any suggestion that the SCA is connected even remotely to numerology.

  • SH 298:20   Spiritual ideas, like numbers and notes, start from Principle, and admit no materialistic beliefs. Spiritual ideas lead up to their divine origin, God, and to the spiritual sense of being.

Numbers express ideas

Numbers have no materialistic beliefs.

Numbers are based on Principle.

In the SCA, they point up to God, lead to God, direct thought to God.

  • SH 111:6-11   The The Science of God and man is no more supernatural than is the science of numbers, though departing from the realm of the physical, as the Science of God, Spirit, must, some may deny its right to the name of Science.

Numbers are a science.

  • SH 282:3   The real Life, or Mind, and its opposite, the so-called material life and mind, are figured by two geometrical symbols, a circle or sphere and a straight line. The circle represents the infinite without beginning or end; the straight line represents the finite, which has both beginning and end. The sphere represents good, the self-existent and eternal individuality or Mind; the straight line represents evil, a belief in a self-made and temporary material existence. Eternal Mind and temporary material existence never unite in figure or in fact.

Sphere is a symbol of Mind, the infinite, with no beginning or end. This explains the O code(SH 240:14)  *”Mind is perpetual motion.  Its symbol is the sphere.”

Straight line is a symbol for the finite which begins and ends.

*This quote also explains why one goes to the verbs first to begin to decipher a passage.  “God rests in action.”  Spirit, God, moved upon the waters (the first thing He did in Gen 1).  Good, Spirit, God, is Omni-action.

According to Webster’s, Decipher means to convert from code into normal language; to succeed in understanding or interpreting (something).  The SCA does this.

  • In Science all being is individual; for individuality is endless in the calculus of forms and numbers.

The Logical explanations for why there seem to be no results from individual prayer in CS:

  • SH 113:14-15  De Quincey says mathematics has not a foot to stand upon which is not purely metaphysical.
  • Mis. 54:29-55:2  You would not ask the pupil in simple equations to solve a problem involving logarithms; and then, because he failed to get the right answer, condemn the pupil and the science of numbers.
  • Mis. 221:23  Such denial also contradicts the doctrine that we must mentally struggle against both evil and disease, and is like saying that five times ten are fifty while ten times five are not fifty; as if the multiplication of the same two numbers would not yield the same product whichever might serve as the multiplicand.
  • My. 91:25-26   Its growth in numbers is remarkable, but even stranger is its increase in wealth.
  • My. 84:17-19   Boston is near to another great demonstration of the growth of the Christian Science idea in numbers, wealth, vigor, and faithful adherence.
  • My. 92:4   But its beginning has been impressive, and that large numbers of intelligent men and women should be converted to it makes it appear that Science cannot be brushed aside by ridicule alone.
  • My. 235:6-9  The tender mother, guided by love, faithful to her instincts, and adhering to the imperative rules of Science, asks herself: Can I teach my child the correct numeration of numbers and never name a cipher?
  • My. v:19-vi:5  That in 1875, after nine years of arduous preliminary labor, she wrote and published the Christian Science textbook, “Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures;” that over four hundred thousand copies of this book have been sold — an unparalleled record for a work of this description; that it has healed multitudes of disease and has revealed God to well-nigh countless numbers — facts which prove, (1) that Science and Health does not need to be interpreted to those who are earnestly seeking Truth; (2) that it is not possible to state truth absolutely in a simpler or more pleasing form.
  • SH ix:10-12   As a certain poet says of himself, she “lisped in numbers, for the numbers came.”
  • SH 298:20-22   Spiritual ideas, like numbers and notes, start from Principle, and admit no materialistic beliefs.
  • SH 318:30-32   Intelligence does not originate in numbers, but is manifested through them.
  • SH 318:28-30   In Science man is governed by God, divine Principle, as numbers are controlled and proved by His laws.
  • SH 548:29-549:1  Agassiz declares (“Methods of Study in Natural History,” page 275): “Certain animals, besides the ordinary process of generation, also increase their numbers naturally and constantly by self-division.”
  • SH 233:25-28   When numbers have been divided according to a fixed rule, the quotient is not more unquestionable than the scientific tests I have made of the effects of truth upon the sick.
  • SH 81:20-25   Erase the figures which express number, silence the tones of music, give to the worms the body called man, and yet the producing, governing, divine Principle lives on, — in the case of man as truly as in the case of numbers and of music,  despite the so-called laws of matter, which define man as mortal.
  • SH 111:6-11   The Science of God and man is no more supernatural than is the science of numbers, though departing from the realm of the physical, as the Science of God, Spirit, must, some may deny its right to the name of Science.
  • SH 588:11-15   There is but one I, or Us, but one divine Principle, or Mind, governing all existence; man and woman unchanged forever in their individual characters, even as numbers which never blend with each other, though they are governed by one Principle.
  • Ret. 59:8-12   It is like saying that addition means subtraction in one instance and addition in an other, and then applying this rule to a demonstration of the science of numbers; even as mortals apply finite terms to God, in demonstration of infinity.
  • SH 3:4-3:11  The spiritual mathematics     Marginal heading
  • SH 128:27-129:6  Mathematics and scientific logic     Marginal heading
  • SH 113:14-113:15   De Quincey says mathematics has not a foot to stand upon which is not purely metaphysical.
  • SH 113:26-27   The divine metaphysics of Christian Science, like the method in mathematics, proves the rule by inversion.    [ In mathematics four times three is twelve, and three times four is twelve.  (Rule of inversion)  (’01 4:5-4:6) ]
  • SH 128:29-30   The addition of two sums in mathematics must always bring the same result. [Positives, as true with geometric equals, produce positives.]
  • SH 195:16-18  Through astronomy, natural history, chemistry, music, mathematics, thought passes naturally from effect back to cause. [Concept of two, the Law of Cause and Effect]
  • SH 3:4-3:5   Who would stand before a blackboard, and pray the principle of mathematics to solve the problem?
  • SH 219:6-7   In mathematics [just as in metaphysics], we do not multiply when we should subtract, and then say the product is correct.
  • SH 546:31-547:1   If mathematics should present a thousand different examples of one rule, the proving of one example would authenticate all the others.
  • SH 421:30-422:1  The perversion of Mind-science is like asserting that the products of eight multiplied by five, and of seven by ten, are both forty, and that their combined sum is fifty, and then calling the process mathematics.
  • SH 700:2-5   I now have no more doubt of the truth of the teaching of the great Way-shower, Jesus of Nazareth, than I doubt the correctness of the basic law of mathematics or music.
  • SH 105:16   When our laws eventually take cognizance of mental crime and no longer apply legal rulings wholly to physical offences, these words of Judge Parmenter of Boston will become historic: “I see no reason why metaphysics is not as important to medicine as to mechanics or mathematics.”
  • Mis. 29:30-32   Christians, like students in mathematics, should be working up to those higher rules of Life which Jesus taught and proved.
  • Mis. 60:15-16  Does it limit the power of Mind to say that addition is not subtraction in mathematics?
  • Mis. 118:8   To obey the principle of mathematics ninety-nine times in one hundred and then allow one numeral to make incorrect your entire problem, is neither Science nor obedience.
  • Mis. 233:23-25  What think you of a scientist in mathematics who finds fault with the exactness of the rule because unwilling to work hard enough to practise it?
  • Mis. 25:32-26:4  No human hypotheses, whether in philosophy, medicine, or religion, can survive the wreck of time; but whatever is of God, hath life abiding in it, and ultimately will be known as self-evident truth, as demonstrable as mathematics.
  • Mis. 62:9  Believing a lie veils the truth from our vision; even as in mathematics, in summing up positive and negative quantities, the negative quantity offsets an equal positive quantity, making the aggregate positive, or true quantity, 
by that much, less available.
  • Mis. 52:22-26  What progress would a student of science make, if, when tired of mathematics or failing to demonstrate one rule readily, he should attempt to work out a rule farther on and more difficult — and this, because the first rule was not easily demonstrated?
  • Ret. 87:3  The poet’s line, “Order is heaven’s first law,” is so eternally true, so    axiomatic, that it has become a truism; and its wisdom is as obvious in religion and scholarship as in astronomy or mathematics.
  • Un. 10:22   It is like commencing with the minus sign, to learn the principle of positive mathematics.
  • ’01 4:5-6   In mathematics four times three is twelve, and three times four is twelve.  (Rule of inversion)
  • ’01 4:6   To depart from the rule of mathematics destroys the proof of mathematics; just as a departure from the Principle and rule of divine Science destroys the ability to demonstrate Love according to Christ, healing the sick; and you lose its susceptibility of scientific proof.
  • ’01 23:11-16   This departure, however, from the scientific statement, the divine Principle, rule, or demonstration of Christian Science, results as would a change of the denominations of mathematics; and you cannot demonstrate Christian Science except on its fixed Principle and given rule, according to the Master’s teaching and proof.
  • Hea. 8:24-9:2   If we work to become Christians as honestly and as directly upon a divine Principle, and adhere to the rule of this Principle as directly as we do to the rule of mathematics, we shall be Christian Scientists, and do more than we are now doing, and progress faster than we are now progressing.
  •  My. 235:9   Knowing that she cannot do this in mathematics, she should know that it cannot be done in metaphysics, and so she should definitely name the error, uncover it, and teach truth scientifically.


© 2015 Guines Wiley-Nieves