All the photographs on this site have been taken by the author who has traveled extensively and enjoys capturing natural beauty through a camera. They have been chosen to reflect the spiritual symbolic meaning of hills and mountains, including water, sea.  As the reader learns and understands the spiritual number concepts, more focus will be placed on the spiritual meaning of passages and interpretation of the symbols.  To understand Mrs. Eddy’s writings and the Bible, one must exchange the literal into the spiritual.  “Spiritual teaching must always be by symbols.”  (SH 575:13-14)

Mountains, hills, water, sea are all types of thought. Photos of mountains especially are used on this site because they represent high and lofty ideas going higher mentally and spiritually, — the end goal of the Spiritual Concepts Approach.

Each photograph is identified below with a link (right click on each name) to the PAGE where it appears. Please enjoy them as one considers the spiritual qualities they represent.


Capri, Italy (this page)

Crater Lake, OR

Foothills of Mt. Diablo, CA

Lake Lugano, Italy (background photo of the sidebar menu)

Lighthouse, San Juan Islands, WA

Machupichu, Peru

Matterhorn, Switzerland, at noonday

Mt. Rainier, WA

Namib Desert rainbow, Namibia

Matterhorn, Switzerland, at sunrise

N. California Coast

Ponte Vecchio, Florence, Italy

Sand Dune climb, Namibia

Sand Dune, Namibia

Shannon Falls, B.C., Canada

Whistler, B.C., Canada





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