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The Spiritual Concepts Approach (SCA) is an interactive way of studying the Pastor. The KJV Bible, and Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures by Mary Baker Eddy comprise our Pastor.  It points out many spiritual concepts beginning with references to a total of twelve symbolic numbers which are found in both books.   One learns how to find them, understand them, and use them for a better understanding of  our Pastor and also for specific Christian Science treatment.

A long-time Christian Science practitioner discovered the concepts and shared them with his patients to help them understand better the language of both books. This method was so effective in helping them treat themselves, that they encouraged him to share it with others.  He has been doing this over the last two years on PrayerfulLiving.com.  Once a passage in the Pastor is thoroughly understood, one can demonstrate and heal with it.


Acknowledgement: I would like to thank the Compiler for his dedicated and supportive shepherding, editing, proofing to ensure every written statement is accurate. *Love inspires, illumines, designates, and leads the way!  (454:18-19)


Following this method, one will  learn how to study the BL more effectively, and will find the complex easier to understand.

Some of the benefits:

  • The BL is way more fun!
  • Christian Science and Science and Health are better understood.
  • The Bible is seen in its spiritual light.
  • Details in the text begin to be noticed.
  • Spiritual sense grows.
  • Healings are a natural result of one’s increased comprehension.
  • One looks forward to studying the BL each day.
  • Increased harmony and synchronicity.
  • Revelations and wow-moments occur more frequently.
  • With the SCA, the BL is intriguing like a helpful educational word game.





  1. Adding the “Index of Blog Posts” to every page is a tremendous help. Thanks. It facilitates finding subjects and helps the order of things.

  2. Hi, Mary – Someone just shared your blog with me – delightful! I discovered I had downloaded nabls-instructions to a folder on my desktop I called “CS Articles”. I guess I thought I was too busy at the time to follow through, so there it sat, later forgetting what it was. Then I read your blog (lovely – and I really appreciated your story about Abby!) What I downloaded is from 2013, so I’ll now get the new ones. I’m feeling the need to approach the Bible Lesson with “new eyes” and am looking forward to getting started with your system!

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