The following is an example of how one gleans spiritual meaning from a passage in the Bible or Science and Health.  In this case, a short, familiar verse in II Samuel is used.  This is a very brief illustration of how the Spiritual Concepts Approach is applied. 


  1. Begin with a passage from the Bible.

The Lord is my rock, and my fortress, and my deliverer.  (II Sam 22:2)


  1. Identify the words that relate or form a repeating pattern. There are three nouns in this case: rock, fortress, deliverer. Each describes an aspect of God.

The Lord is my 1 rock, and my 2 fortress, and my 3 deliverer.

Each is numbered and highlighted by bold font.

This is known as the spiritual number Concept of Three.


  1. Determine which word/noun goes with which Synonym of God. This is done according to specific rules and will guide thought to the spiritual meaning of the nouns. In this case, two are easily verified by seeing how Mrs. Eddy used them.

rock = Truth    Rock is defined as Truth (SH 593:18)

fortress = Life   A fortress is a stronghold meant to stand and withstand for a very long time.                                    

deliverer = Love   “Love is not hasty to deliver us…” (SH 22:20)  


  1. The benefits of this method:
  • Things (rock, fortress, deliverer) are turned into spiritual ideas.
  • Thought now focuses on the specific Synonyms.
  • This verse is seen as being about God as Life, Truth, Love.
  • Life, Truth and Love heal! It is the law of divine Science. (SH 107:1)
  • One understands this verse more clearly.
  • This verse is remembered more vividly.
  • Reasoning spiritually, thought is lifted up.
  • Discoveries are made which before were not seen.


As one progresses in the comprehension of the SCA method, one will be able to identify even more spiritual concepts.  Each SCA application, exercise and practice strengthens spiritual sense, promotes spiritual progress, leads to demonstrations and healings.  The results are proportionate to one’s spiritual concentration and attention.

When one focuses on a subject, that subject grows in one’s thought.  If thought’s subject is good, good grows;  if it is material, materiality grows. Where one’s thought is most at home becomes one’s consciousness (mental house or dwelling). It reflects on one’s experience.  So, one’s experience is a reflection of one’s thought.

Studying the Bible Lesson with the SCA will go far to spiritualize our whole Movement and bless our world.  As Mrs. Eddy writes in the Church Manual, 31: 4-9 (the):

“The Readers of The Mother Church and of all its branch churches must devote a suitable portion of their time to preparation for the reading of the Sunday lesson,a lesson on which the prosperity of Christian Science largely depends.”

In the spirit of that statement, we are all readers of the BL.  The writer of this blog has found no better way to prepare (make ready) the BL than with the SCA.


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