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 Copyright restrictions require the author to link only five articles and testimonies at a time.  However, all of these can be read at the nearest Christian Science Reading Room.  Or better yet, subscribe to JSH-Online and expand one’s own at-home library of Christian Science literature!


What can be more powerful than the almighty omnipotent Mind?  Having one Mind, one Truth, is where healing occurs.  Thought that is filled up with Truth is the consciousness that heals.  Sometimes it takes some humble listening to arrive at the level of Love’s comforting presence.  Other times a seemingly dire situation seems to push thought higher so that one is clearly conscious of His healing presence quickly, in the very moment of need. When we become so at one with Mind mentally that all else is shut out of thought, the healing comes.

Thinking back on all the healings I have experienced, God has been the focal point of the prayer and treatment involved.  From burns, accidents, sickness, employment and relationship challenges, finding lost items, the quicker the response with Truth, the faster the healing.

One demonstration stands out because it involved squashing animal magnetism’s many-faced resistance at every turn with the Law of God.  This experience occurred when we were moving from our large house in California over two years ago.  The very timing of the move itself was the result of listening to God’s direction, for I had learned from experience to let God move us rather than human will.  We had been looking for the opportunity to change locations for well over a year, and although it had seemed an impossibility, when the opportunity finally and unexpectedly presented itself, we were ready.  But still there seemed to be many barriers in the way.

Human reasoning said it was the wrong time for a score of reasons. Our big house with its unusual layout would take a long time to sell; it was the wrong time of year to put it on the market; the economy was still struggling; the house would need updating first; a stager would be necessary so it would show well.  One by one, these hurdles had to be met metaphysically and overcome with Truth, God’s law.  They proved to be as nothing in the face of God’s power.

I knew a right idea is complete with every detail in place even before it is seen humanly.  Our move was a right idea because it came from Mind. All facets of this idea were in perfect order, and no human law of economy, chance, season, timing, supply, presentation, etc. could hinder the full expression of Mind’s right action.

As soon as the “Coming Soon” sign been posted on the street, when the hardwood floors were being re-sanded, with furniture piled high in the front hall and living room, and plastic draped over several rooms to contain the dust which filled the air, a couple came to see the house and made an offer to purchase.

Now we had to find a place to live in a new state.  We had chosen the Seattle area where our older son and his family lived.  Well before our house went on the market and a sale pending was in place, we had planned to visit them, a trip which now turned into a four-day house hunt instead of spending lots of family  time together.

Again, there were more hurdles to jump over.  After showing us one house, the WA realtor told us it was the wrong time to be looking, that we would never find a house to rent now, and should return the first week of the following month when more rentals would come on the market.  And then we would have to act fast, she claimed, because they would go quickly.  But for now, she was certain we wouldn’t find anything.  That was just one more false “law” which I had to know was powerless to limit our success in finding a suitable house this weekend.

Our son knew a member in his Christian Science church who was a realtor.  Even though she had just returned from a three-week trip overseas, she was delighted to spend the better part of three days taking us to see many rental possibilities.  Most were unsuitable, but we weren’t deterred.  There was one place God had prepared for us and we would find it.  Now!  We proceeded without apprehension, doubt, worry, fear of failure. 

Over that weekend, the realtor did help us find the perfect house to rent.  Even then, the suggestion taunted that we had found the rental too soon.  What if our sale fell through?  We didn’t want to carry two houses.  But God’s timing was good and perfect, and no sense of doubt or worry could weaken our trust in His law of completion.  The sale of our house did go through and the rental agreement was concluded.  There were many, many more details involved in this move, all resolved with harmony.

 Trusting in and holding to God and His Law with confidence and without doubt, was key to this demonstration.




Over the last couple of days I realize I have had a healing. While walking through the woods near my home, I brushed against a bush that stung my arm and left marks. It caught my attention because this was a new occurrence. What kind of strange bush could that have been?

This might have captivated my attention, but the first line of the scientific statement of being came to thought, and then specifically, “there is no sensation in matter” (SH 237:4 only). Rather than simply repeating this over and over, I asked myself, why is there no sensation in matter? Why could matter feel no pain?

The answer came, because matter has no mind and could not think or know anything. This thought was so clear, so pure as though it was a newborn idea, that I focused on it for a little bit and accepted it fully. The discomfort was displaced and forgotten while pondering this truth. A little while later, I realized the arm was normal in feeling and appearance.

Healing didn’t end there. Over two months ago I had had a porcelain crown placed over a broken molar. Since then, using that tooth had been uncomfortable when biting down or chewing, causing me to favor the other side of my mouth when eating, plus it seemed very sensitive to both heat and cold. Of course, the porcelain could have no sensation, but the discomfort seemed to be there and persist nonetheless.

Following the healing of my arm, however, that tooth has no longer been sensitive or uncomfortable, and I have been able to use it normally.

This double healing proves that when one spends hours a day working with the Bible Lesson, praying, and studying, one is ready to meet challenges head on.  Looking back, I didn’t need to go through a series of Christian Science statements, passages, and prayers before arriving at the point of healing because I had done that earlier in the day.  My relationship to God had already been established in thought through prayer and was ready to be proven.

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* Copyright restrictions require the author to link only five articles and testimonies at a time.  However, all of these can be read at the nearest Christian Science Reading Room.  Or better yet, subscribe to JSH-Online and expand one’s own at-home library of Christian Science literature!





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