Where did the Concept of Two originate?  Mrs. Eddy identifies it as cause and effect when she writes, 

“The great Teacher knew both cause and effect, knew that truth communicates itself but never imparts error.” (SH 85:30-32)

 There are two parts to the Concept of Two. One is Cause and Effect, and the other is a two-word pattern. Cause and Effect, which is the higher of these two Concepts of Two, and a very powerful tool for healing, is the subject of Part I.

  • Cause and Effect is a concept that involves two words. One word will be the Cause, and one will be the Effect. 
  • It is also Truth and Love because one word will express a quality of Truth, usually the Cause, and the second word will manifest Love, usually the Effect.

“The great demonstrator of Truth and Love was silent before envy and hate.”  (SH 48:19-21 The)



  • First, a C-E passage is short. 

“The Lord C is good E to all.” (Ps. 145:9 )

  • Second, a C-E passage will mention something about Christ, Jesus, Science, or Truth. The first two C-E passages in this blog posting reference Jesus.

            Spirit C is the real E and eternal.” 

  • Third, a C-E passage will include a pattern of two words that relate to each other. The word serving as the Cause, will usually be in the absolute (God), or in the spiritual (Christ; Science). For many, this is the easiest spiritual number concept to find in a passage.

“the Lord my God C will enlighten E my darkness.” (Ps. 18:28 the)

In preparing this blog, the writer wondered why the Concept of Two or Cause and Effect is found in passages dealing with one of  these four specific topics: Christ, Jesus, Science, or Truth. Eventually the answer came in a flash of inspiration. It so amazed her that she wrote it down.

It is this:

  1. Christ because it is the message from, the messenger from, and the consciousness of God.
  1. Jesus because he is the Son of God, the Sent by God.
  1. Science because it is the laws of God. (SH 107:1)
  1. God, Truth – the absolute – because He is the Only Cause!

Each one of these facts is God-centered.  The last is obvious, God alone, the Cause.  The other three start with God and lead back to God.  That is the beauty of the Concept of Two, it leads one’s thought up to God, to the absolute.  Sometimes determining C-E is quick and obvious.  At other times, one needs to prayerfully consider the passage.  Then one relies more on spiritual sense to determine Cause.  The more one thinks about God and the absolute, the more one’s spiritual sense grows, and the more thought is lifted to a more spiritual level. One practices going to the absolute. One thinks about the absolute in determining which is the Cause, and figuring out how the Effect relates to the Cause.  Passages are better understood, questions are resolved, spiritual confidence is built, and one becomes a stronger metaphysician.  So many blessings from the Concept of Two!

If there is a short sentence or verse referencing God with one or two verbs, it is likely to contain a Cause and Effect.

The Lord C redeemeth E the soul of his servants:  (Ps. 34:22 to ) 



Sometimes there are two or three Effects, but always just one great and only Cause.

“There is but one primal cause. Therefore there can be no effect from any other cause, and there can be no reality in aught which does not proceed from this great and only cause.” (SH 207:20)   (Cause and Effect exercised produce reality.)

Here is an example:

“O Lord C, thou hast searched E me, and known E me.” (Ps. 139:1)

Lord is the obvious Cause because God is the only Cause. This is a DIVINE LAW which governs this Concept of Two: God is always the Cause in a Concept of Two.

“In the beginning God C created the heaven E and the earth E.”  (Gen. 1:1)

“Christ. The divine manifestation C of God, which comes E to the flesh to destroy E incarnate error.”  (SH 583:10)



Cause and Effect is set up as a proposition.  One can reason several ways to find the C-E:

  • if this, then that;

            or, if this, then what?

  • because this … then that;

            or, because this, then what?

  • from this … then that;

             or, from this, then what?

Here is an example: 

“Give me understanding C, and I shall live E .” (Ps.119:144)                                Because of understanding, then I live.

If understanding, then what?  Life!

This is a wonderful metaphysical statement that can be used for treatment.

God does give me constant comprehension, intelligence, memory, reason, logic, retention, clear expression, and spiritual sense so that I can perceive and know the one Mind, Life.

Here is another example: 

“If God is admitted C to be the only Mind and Life, there ceases E to be any opportunity for sin and death.”  (SH 276:17-18)

            If God is admitted, then what? Sin and death’s opportunity ceases. 

Here is another opportunity for metaphysical treatment.

I know, without a doubt, that God is all, and this precludes any temptation to see, believe in, or give into error in the form of sin and death.  I mentally reverse these errors, and affirm the reality of holiness and Life.



Here are some C-E passages from Science and Health about Truth and LoveEach one can be turned into a metaphysical treatment!  

  1. They bring happiness.

Happiness E is spiritual, born of Truth and Love C.”

Therefore, my happiness comes from God, is present, permanent, and can never be turned into sorrow. 

  1. They have healing power.

“Am I demonstrating E the healing power C of Truth and Love ?”  (SH 496:11-12)

As the idea and reflection of Truth and Love’s healing power, I can and do demonstrate it immediately and constantly. This is God’s law of Cause and Effect.

  1. Their harmony conquers discord.

“Is there no divine permission to conquer E discord of every kind with harmony, with Truth and Love C ?”  (SH 394:25-27)

(Reversing the negatives), I declare and know that with the divine law of Truth and Love, I can and am conquering discord of every kind.  

  1. They destroy mortal beliefs.

“Therefore we accept the conclusion that discords have only a fabulous existence, are mortal beliefs which divine Truth and Love C destroy E.”  (SH 231:17-19) 

Knowing and affirming that I mentally dwell with Truth and Love eliminates any discordant beliefs from my thought, and replaces them with the consciousness of harmony. 

  1. They heal the sick and sinner.

“Remember that the letter and mental argument are only human auxiliaries to aid in bringing thought into accord with the spirit of Truth and Love  C, which heals E the sick and the sinner.”  (SH 454:31-2)

I acknowledge one Mind, and as a spiritual child of God, I affirm that I am right now perfect, at one with Truth and Love, and reflect constant wholeness and uprightness.  

  1. They enlighten the understanding.

Truth and Love C enlighten E the understanding E, in whose “light shall we see light;” and this illumination is reflected spiritually by all who walk in the light and turn away from a false material sense.”  (SH 510:9-12)

I am walking in the ever-present light of Truth and Love which radiates the Omni-action of spiritual understanding, and eliminates false material sense. 

  1. They reign in the real man. 

When speaking of God’s children, not the children of men, Jesus said, “The kingdom of God is within you;” that is, Truth and Love C reign E in the real man, showing E that man in God’s image is unfallen and eternal.   (SH 476:28-32)

I declare daily that Truth and Love reign with me, that I am God’s idea at one with Him; I know without a doubt that I am God’s image and likeness, reflecting perfection and unending life.



 Now comes the fun part, determining which word is a quality of Truth, and which is a quality of Love.  Because C-E is the DIVINE LAW OF TRUTH AND LOVE, the two (or three) words need to align with Truth and Love.

Cause can usually be identified with a quality of Truth, and Effect with  a quality of Love 

“The Lord C is the portion of mine inheritance E and of my cup E :”  (Ps. 16:5 (to )

Lord  is Truth.

Inheritance is a quality of Love.

Cup is a quality of Love.



Look for short C-E passages in your Full Text, underline any C-E words, place the C and E to the right of each.  The reader is welcome to send one’s findings to my e-mail address for verification. 

Mark Concept of Three (click on the link for review) passages with 1, 2, 3, to the left of the LTLv words and send them along, as well!


A NOTE TO THE READER:  Some readers have been asking when the next blog will appear.  Because of the detailed and substantive nature of these topics, and knowing it takes some thought and study to absorb them, publishing once a week seems to be the right timing for now.  Also, the citations being used as examples are not necessarily ones in the current Bible Lesson.  New readers will be visiting this blog as time goes on and so it needs to be a benefit to everyone at any time.





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