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Phone sessions based on the Spiritual Concepts Approach  method to enrich one’s study and understanding are available for a reasonable fee paid in advance. These are based on citations from Science and Health and the KJV Bible exclusively and applied to portions of the weekly Christian Science Bible Lesson.

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One thought on “CONTACT ME”

  1. I am a faithful reader of your blogs. You say, “Christian Science is the only monotheistic religion that is the most consistent with the practice of one God.” It would be more accurate to say, “Christian Science is the only monotheistic religion that conceives of God as Love.”

    You have much to say which is inspired and inspiring. However, may I suggest that you take some academic Bible courses so that your blogs express a broader and deeper understanding of theology, and of your subject matter.

    A CSB one time told me after her lecture that she was a Bible scholar because she had been faithfully studying the Bible Lesson Sermon for over 30 years. Studying the Bible Lesson Sermon for a lifetime does not make one a Bible scholar. One also needs to take academic Bible courses in order to be a Bible scholar.

    Best wishes,

    Jon Larson MBS

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