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  1. I didn’t realize this system would automatically title my comments. They are not directed at copyright. They are much more about the joy of discovery when one really makes an effort to tackle what is being presented to them in our textbooks. Our dual pastor. I forgot to mention that tying your ideas in with the lesson sermon is also a very helpful way to both apply and benefit from your “unfoldment/discovery.”

  2. Hi Mary,

    You are definitely on the right track. I like the simple orderly way you have laid things out in the part of your blog that I’ve read so far. Still have lots more to go. As important as it is to understand LTLv which is truly fundamental and part of the original 7 synonyms, it turns out to be equally important to understand the matter based troika of sin, disease, and death. Part of the reason MBE uses Life first, I think, is because in some ways, it is the most accessible to the material senses whereas Truth and Love seem somewhat more challenging. Of all the terms presented above she only defines “death” in the Glossary while she defines Life and sin in Recapitulation. It helps to begin the over all study by working out MBE’s definitions of these 6 terms along with their counter parts in a good English language dictionary. She makes both Life and Truth complementary and interchangeable within the triunity. This swapping around serves to show the unified nature of all three terms as well as a literary way to place emphasis on a varied perspective. Thus the swapping is done with deliberation not whim.
    As life is equivalent to Being/being and is fundamental so sin is the initiator of all subsequent evil and is the prime premise for it. She also points out that sin and disease are, in a sense, interechangeable and you really can’t treat one without treating (or eliminating) the other. Death then simply becomes an ultimate material outcome of the process of fallacious human reasoning.

    Note that among the verbs associated with the definition of God she includes Omni-action. This conveys more of the fact that God is an active rather than a passive kind of being….that existence includes all forms of movement rather than stasis. I like to link that with Principle though she also links it with Mind and it definitely is part of the Love that both God and Christ express.

    At one point in my study I looked at every combination and permutation of the 7 synonyms and not only did the preference for threes show up there, but as you have discovered a very specific preference and order for LTLv as a kind of short hand way of summarizing who and what God is and therefore what man must be as “His image and likeness.” So it could be observed that the same synonyms (as opposed to attributes) underlie the commandments and the golden rule and the Beatitudes.

    As you have discovered MBE really has filled that book with treasures of Truth/truth and it is great fun to have sufficient understanding and familiarity with the texts to be able to find them and make them our own.


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