BALANCE OF LOVE (Concept of Four – Part 3)


Focusing thought on these Spiritual Number Concepts heals! Healing is a natural outcome of mentally dwelling on God, Life, Truth, Love, and His attributes.  During the writing of each blog, I learn, grow spiritually, gain new insights, and errors of thought are shoved off into nothingness.  Such is what happened this past week of writing and pondering this topic, specifically the groups of qualities and actions as detailed below.  Often the spiritual growth gained is effortless. At other times there seems to be an error in thought that is resistant to being exposed.  However, focusing on the wonderful revelations, which inevitably appear during the writing, is like pouring pure water into a glass in order to flush out dirty water. Truth exterminates error. The reader, too, can expect spiritual growth and healing as thought dwells on what is being shared.

Our presentation of the next Concept of Four Balance of Love  – must begin by mentioning Science and Health (SH) by Mary Baker Eddy, for it is in this book that all the spiritual concepts being presented on this site have been found. SH is a treasury of spiritual riches!  Over time, they have been noticed by the Compiler who studied them, organized them, gave them memorable names, uses them to spiritualize thought, transform character, heal, and shares them with others in the Spiritual Concepts Approach (SCA).    Being one of the SCA students, I am describing and illustrating, for interested and serious students of Christian Science (CS), the number concepts first because they are basic and necessary to understand.  Eventually we will show how to use them in the study of the Bible Lesson (BL) and the Pastor to gain more of the spiritual sense embedded in these books. 

Each number concept has its own pattern and symbolic design.  Balance of Love is built on four words, loving qualities or actions of Love: the Love Omnis.   Balance means stability, firmness, soundness, constancy. Love, being basic to Jesus’ teachings, foundational to CS teachings, and essential to marriage and to healing, one can often arrange the four love words into the shape of a symbolic square that would represent the foundation of a basic four-sided structure to support such institutions as home, marriage, family, church.

We begin with two examples of Balance of Love which come appropriately from the chapter “Marriage.”  The first one illustrates the four foundational qualities of marriage. They show HOW TO BE a harmonious couple.  All are qualities of Love. Each one supports the other three.  All four are essential.

Both sexes should be 1 loving, 2 pure, 3 tender, and 4 strong. RH (SH 57:10-11)

  • loving
  • pure
  • tender
  • strong


Mrs. Eddy is very clear on WHAT LOVE DOES. How important that the love of Love is present in every home, especially where children are being raised.  It is their foundation for upright character building and thriving natures. In this sentence, the placement of the four verbs is in a specific order. One supports the next in ascending order.  Each action shows the omni-active nature of Love, constantly and impersonally pouring out blessings to everyone everywhere.

Love 1 enriches the nature, 2 enlarging, 3 purifying, and 4 elevating it.  S (SH 57:23-24)  

  • enriches
  • enlarges
  • purifies
  • elevates


Although these qualities may seem to be on the human or relative level, they are Spirit’s doing, and so are spiritual.  Spirit, not man, creates. (SH 335:7-8) Is there a more loving expression of God as our Father-Mother than this?

 Spirit duly 1 feeds and 2 clothes every object, as it appears in the line of spiritual creation, thus 3 tenderly expressing the fatherhood and 4 motherhood of God. S (SH 507:3-6)   

  • feeds
  • clothes
  • tenderly expressing fatherhood
  • tenderly expressing motherhood


Mrs. Eddy reveals specific loving ATTITUDES for effective PRAYER. Four important qualities that should be present in our prayers and which we should sincerely feel are included in the next citation.  Aspiration is desire or yearning. Humility knows that with God’s power alone, not ours, all things are possible. We live gratitude by obeying and loving the teachings of Jesus and Christian Science.

If we feel the 1 aspiration, 2 humility, 3 gratitude, and 4 love which our words express, — this God accepts; and it is wise not to try to deceive ourselves or others, for “there is nothing covered that shall not be revealed.” M (SH 8:14-18)    

  • aspiration
  • humility
  • gratitude
  • love


 God-impelled action is the BASIS OF PRAYER.  Sincere prayer leads to action.  Patience is active.  Rather than waiting around for God to do something, we patiently trust, know and affirm that He has already done all, that His creation is complete, good, and ever revealing itself.  Meekness looks to God, not man, as the Giver of all right ideas, right motives (love), and perfect implementation (good deeds).

What we most need is the prayer of fervent desire for growth in grace, expressed in 1 patience, 2 meekness3 love, and 4 good deeds. M (SH 4:3-5)

  • patience
  • meekness
  • love
  • good deeds



In contrast, these four words are all in the absolute.  Balance of Love is in the absolute. No mention of man is included.

From 1 Love and from the 2 light and 3 harmony which are the abode of Spirit, only reflections of 4 good can come. A (SH 280:4-6) 

  • Love
  • light
  • harmony
  • good


Love Qualities in our PRACTICE of Christian Science

Love 1 inspires2 illumines, 3 designates, and 4 leads the way. A (SH 454:18-19)

Love’s blessings are ordered and logical. Love’s inspiration first gives light which shows the way, and then Love takes the lead!  There is no mention of man at all.  God, expressed as the Balance of Love, guides towards the absolute where all is perfect.  

  • inspires
  • illumines
  • designates
  • leads


Under the marginal heading of THE DIVINE LOVELINESS is this final passage from SH.  Looking for higher, more spiritual meanings, expression = manifestation, form = order, outline = design, color = light, charms = harmony, beauty. Since the charms are God’s they must be spiritual and pure.

Beauty is a thing of life, which dwells forever in the eternal Mind and reflects the charms of His goodness in 1 expression, 2 form, 3 outline, and 4 color. (SH 247:21) 

  • expression
  • form
  • outline
  • color



The Lord is 1 gracious, and full of 2 compassion; 3 slow to anger, and of great 4 mercyS (Ps. 145:8) 

  • gracious
  • compassionate
  • well tempered
  • merciful


Or despisest thou the riches of his 1 goodness and 2 forbearance and 3 longsuffering; not knowing that the 4 goodness of God leadeth thee to repentance?  (Rom 2:4)  

  • goodness
  • patience
  • tolerance
  • leadeth



  • A second name is the Love Omnis.
  • It consists of four love words, either attributes or actions.
  • The four words form a firm foundation and solid basis of being and action.
  • The four words can be in ascending order.
  • The bulleted love words can be listed as Attributes of Love.
  • The bulleted love words can be listed as Actions of Love.
  • Dwelling on these attributes and actions heals.



                   (Concept of Four – Part 4)



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