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BL: Bible Lesson

C-E: Cause and Effect  

CSChristian Science, or the divine laws of Life, Truth, and Love. (107:1)

FT: Full Text Edition, Christian Science Quarterly Bible Lessons

KJV: The King James Version Bible 

LTLv: Life, Truth, Love or the Three Omnis; Concept of Three

Mrs. Eddy: Mary Baker Eddy, Discoverer, Founder, and Leader of Christian Science

NT: New Testament

OT: Old Testament

Pastor: Authorized KJV Bible and Science and Health

SCA: Spiritual Concepts Approach

SH: Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures by Mary Baker Eddy; it is about the divine laws of Life, Truth, and Love. (107:1)

Strong’s: Strong’s Exhaustive Concordance of the Bible

1828: American Dictionary of the English Language by Noah Webster  1828    


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(1)  God Only: Oneness.  Law of One.  Absolute statements. No mention of man or things.

(2)  God and man: Words to look for: Immanuel; God with us; God and man, Principle and idea; coexist; coexistent; being.

 (3) Allness: Words to look for: all; allness; All-in-all; God, man, and the universe.



(1.) (spiritual): Law of Cause and Effect ; look for one or two verbs in a short sentence; mark with C-E.  Sentence refers to Christ, Jesus, Science, or Truth.

(2) (spiritual)Law of Truth and Love;  mark with C-ETruth and Love will be in the sentence.

(3) (metaphysical): c-e; look for two verbs or two nouns in a short sentence; mark with lower case c-e.  Use for treatment.

(4) (metaphysical)If and then propositional sentence.  Replace if with when or because; use for treatment. 



Life, Truth, Love – the three Omnis; a pattern of three words.  Look for verbs first, then gerunds/participles (words ending in ing, i.e., teaching, preaching, healing); finally, nouns and adjectives.



1.  Law of LoveGolden Rule

2.  Love’s Four The Love Omnis or the Balance of Love

3.  The Holy City – Foursquare – our mental habitation

4.  Omni-action and the Four Omnis – LTLvP, Omni-action words

5.  Four Kinds of Sentences  

  1.      The Absolute
  2.      The Spiritual
  3.      The Metaphysical 
  4.      The Relative

6. The Four Levels of Thought or consciousness within citations in SH.

7. Four groupings related to the Lesson Sermon Subjects and SH.

 8. All other references noting fours in SH and the Bible.



The use of five of anything refers to the five senses, the need to refute them or the need to rise above them.

 Concept of Five and Treatment

 Concept of Five and Correcting Thought

 Five Steps – Part One

Five Steps – Part Two



The content of the verse or sentence will determine which of the following choices best describes the Concept of Six:

Double portion of three

Transcendence, transformation, transfiguration, translation. To go higher mentally.

It refers to the Christ; represents the Christ activity.

Coincidence of human and divine.


CESS: Constant Exercise of Spiritual Sense.  One’s progress is in proportion to one’s spiritual sense.  CESS involves the following three definitions of spiritual sense in SH:

Spiritual sense, contradicting the material senses, involves intuition, hope, faith, understanding, fruition, reality.” (298:13-15)

“Spiritual sense is the conscious, constant capacity to understand God.” (209:31-32)

“Spiritual sense is the discernment of spiritual good.” (20-21)


Concept Coding: process by which one determines the various number counts within a citation.


Law of Dwelling: that which one dwells on most, grows.

Law of Rule of Exchange: the practice of replacing error with Truth.


OMNI-ACTIONIt is the law of Principle, God’s Law of Good, ever in operation—fulfilling its God-ordained blessing for man to come full circle and it always completes its mission.

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Cityestablished community thought

Darknesslack of understanding

Divine lightdivinely revealed understanding – divine revelation

Gates – entries for thought

Heart – thought

Holy Citysymbol of the ideal mental habitation


Micro-quantum metaphysicsthe study of Christian Science by applying the Spiritual Concepts Approach (SCA), focusing, in accord with SH 559:16, on eating (imbibing, drinking in) and digesting (mentally arranging and organizing) even the “minute” varied aspects of the CS textbook with the purpose of understanding and demonstrating divine healing.

Moonsecondary thought of apprehending

Mountains – solid and grand ideas; tremendous, seemingly insurmountable problems

North Star – Principle

Poor – receptive

Rereward – rear guard of an army

Shine – reveal 

Christian Science – God’s Laws of LTLv applied to man.  

Sides/Walls of the Holy City – represent the strong protection or defense afforded by the    constant presence of the Word, Christ, Christianity, divine Science, ensuring that the thoughts enter only through the GATES which are in direct view of the purifying and governing radiance of the North Star – Principle.        

Sun  – primary thought of apprehending



Overview of the Twelve Number Concepts and God’s Laws


Mrs. Eddy’s Letter to James Neal

Oh may the Love that looks on you and all guide your every thought and act up to the impersonal, spiritual model that is the only ideal – and constitutes the only scientific Healer.

To this glorious end I ask you to still press on, and have no other ambition or aim.  A real scientific Healer is the highest position attainable in this sphere of being.  Its altitude is far above a Teacher or preacher; it includes all that is divinely high and holy.  Leave behind all else and strive for this great achievement.  Mother sighs to see how much her students need this attainment and longs to live to see one Christian Scientist attain it.

Your aim to reach this goal is spiritualization.  To achieve this you must have one God, one affection, one way, one Mind.  Society, flattery, popularity are temptations in your pursuit of growth spiritual.  Avoid them as much as in you lies.  Pray daily, never miss praying, no matter how often: “Lead me not into temptation,” – scientifically rendered, – Lead me not to lose sight of strict purity, clean pure thoughts; let all my thoughts be high, unselfish, charitable, meek, – spiritually minded.  With this altitude of thought your mind is losing materiality and gaining spirituality and this is the state of mind that heals the sick.




(Reprinted from the CS Sentinel, June 5, 1943 and November 17, 1962)

The position of The Mother Church as to Mary Baker Eddy’s place in the fulfillment of Bible prophecy is clearly set forth in the following paragraphs.  These conclusions are not new; they are confirmed by our Leader’s writings, and the steadily unfolding fruitage of Christian Science bears witness to their truth.

1. Eddy, as the Discoverer and Founder of Christian Science, understood herself to be the one chosen of God to bring the promised Comforter to the world, and, therefore, the revelator of Christ, Truth, in this age.

2. Eddy regarded portions of Revelation (that is, Chapter 12) as pointing to her as the one who fulfilled prophecy by giving the full and final revelation of Truth; her work thus being complementary to that of Christ Jesus.

3. As Christ Jesus exemplified the fatherhood of God, she (Mrs. Eddy) revealed God’s motherhood; she represents in this age the spiritual idea of God typified by the woman in the Apocalypse. (See Science and Health 565: 13-22.)

4. Eddy considered herself to be the “God-appointed” and “God-anointed” messenger to this age, the woman chosen by God to discover the Science of Christian healing and to interpret it to mankind; she is so closely related to Christian Science that a true sense of her is essential to the understanding of Christian Science; in other words, the revelator cannot be separated from the revelation.

5. This recognition of her true status enabled her to withstand the opposition directed against her by “the dragon” (malicious animal magnetism); she was touchingly grateful to those who saw her as the woman of prophecy and who therefore trusted, obeyed, and supported her in her mission.

6. This same recognition is equally vital to our movement, for demonstration is the result of vision; the collecting of this indisputable evidence of our Leader’s own view of herself and of her mission marks a great step forward; wisely utilized, this evidence will stimulate and stabilize the growth of Christian Scientists today and in succeeding generations; it will establish unity in the Field with regard to the vital question of our Leader’s relation to Scriptural prophecy.

As we record these important facts, we remind Christian Scientists of our Leader’s words (Miscellaneous Writings, p. 308), “The Scriptures and Christian Science reveal ‘the way,’ and personal revelators will take their proper place in history, but will not be deified.”






7 Day Synonym Game     (Right click to watch video.)

Below are four more links to this game: the rules, plus 3 sets of pictures.  Right click to open each link.

The game’s creator, Colleen C. Moore, writes: “The Spiritual Concepts Approach inspired me to look for the synonyms in the verses used in our weekly Bible Lesson. I wanted to share what I was learning with my Sunday School class.”

Rules of 7 Day Synonym Game     

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Trinity: Man’s Reflection and Synonyms

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