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Oh Mary,

What a blessing that study was! I am so grateful you were led to the Truth and were so eloquent in sharing it with us!

Loved the reasoning!

Loved the outcome!

Loved that this is just what I needed at just this moment!   Tawny


You know I haven ‘t done justice to your website. I am so far behind, but the great part is that it’s there and anyone can review, investigate, imbibe, enjoy any time day or night. You are doing a good thing. I think this helpful site is essential in the forward thrust for SCA. Thanks for your productive efforts.      Nancy


I LOVE it!!!!!! I can’t wait to dig in more – but you’ve laid it out beautifully and clearly. Well done!!! You must have been busy! So excited that you’re doing this – what a wonderful unfoldment!  Emily


Thank you for sharing via your website. I look forward to using this resource as a Bible Lesson study tool.

After reading the copyright information page I am not sure if one needs permission to share your website URL with others. Does one?” Anon


(My response): Thank you for visiting the site and e-mailing me with your question. Please feel free to share the URL with others. The idea is to have it bless the poor in spirit, all those who are receptive.

*  *  *

Your blog is intriguing because I patiently dissect the BL all the time, and this is another approach. I read every sidebar, every word of the main blog, and will be eager to see what comes next! THANK YOU for sharing this unfoldment!    

What a beautiful demonstration of God’s loving care for all of His ideas! Your explanation was loud and clear!I can imagine that Abby stays pretty close to home these days; enough adventure is far more than enough!    GCM – California   

*  *  *

Just a note to say how wonderful your new blog is! I’m grateful you’re sharing the spiritual concepts in this way. I had started it, but couldn’t keep up with it at the time. I have shared it with my sister. I wanted to let you know how glad I am for your sharing your spiritual insights. It is helpful to me and many more, I am sure.               Judy        
*  *  *


I finally was able to get into your blog—and loved seeing your practice of the concept of three—-(One that I follow with the many uses of it in our textbook–mine is full of 1)2)3). I also loved your CESS–the opposite of obsess!!!. Thank you for sharing the beautiful demonstration of the Science of being in regard to darling Abby. I , of course, remember her!

Keep following your inspiration as you are led! It is God with you.    Demi

*  *  *

This website is such a great idea and I want to thank you for the invitation. Unfortunately the link in the email doesn’t work for me but through some googling I ended up at the website which leads to your listing in the directory. The link in this listing works fine so I just wanted to report this in case anyone else was having a similar problem.  Susie

*  *  *

This is wonderful, Mary! Thank you sooo much. Very clear. I just read about half – the C & E Part one. Looking forward to the rest of it tonight. Loved the metaphysical applications, too.   Janice

*  *  *

Mary, congratulations on your blog. I am excited for you and look forward to reading your posts. I have been doing the SCA all along and know that your blog will further my progress because it will remind me of things that we learned in the past and I will probably learn new things too.

I also love the photos. I am a photographer too and your colors and compositions are beautiful.

Thanks so much.           Catherine

 *  *  *

Thanks for including me in your blog! I have read with interest some of what you have written and sent, usually in the evenings.   Vic

 *  *  *

Again, THANK YOU, Mary! I read every word and intend to re-visit it until I’m quite sure I understand it 300%. [I’m about at 92% as of the first reading!] This study must give you great joy….and then to share it must be double-joy.”

 I can see why it took you two years to get this all together!! But what a reward! It may take me two years, also, to fully implement it into my daily thought processes…but I’m going to give it a whirl. What a blessing!   GCM – California

*  *  *

Your blog is VERY HELPFUL and I look forward to the next one!!!    Wendy
* * *
Since I was just now able to get through to your website I can only comment that the photos are really uplifting and that seems like such a good way to prepare thought for some inspiring ideas.

 I’ve been reading and rereading your new blog and wanted to tell you it’s wonderfully and thoughtfully done. I appreciate the clarity that comes through each explanation and the examples used to illustrate the essential points of the SCA. The testimony that followed the Concept of Three is very helpful and in fact all posts have incorporated the idea that SCA leads to healing in a way that was not as clear before. More like built-in vs. an after thought. This should make it easier to comprehend right from the start. The blog is a great place for anyone to begin learning the SCA and maybe even those who need to start over again. I look forward to each new blog post.   Susie

*  *  *

I want to share with you some inspiration from an experience I had last night.

Saturday night, I was sitting down at the piano to practice the hymns for Sunday School this morning.

My foot was in a “boot” cast and I was on crutches for a broken bone in my ankle. (I have been working with a CS practitioner for two weeks, until yesterday). In trying to get seated, somehow the piano bench and I went backwards together to the floor, and caught my booted foot underneath the wooden platform of the piano keys as I went backward, and felt quite a bit of pain, and concern that I had injured my foot and leg more.

The Truth of the words in the Hymn (Hymn 10 – “All power is given unto our God”), that I had just been singing, stayed with me.

Then the idea came to my thought that my identity was spiritual, not in matter. Therefore, no part of my identity had fallen at all. I was held in complete perfection in divine Mind. I actually felt safe at that moment, because realizing this Truth kept me unphased by what the corporeal senses were trying to say. The corporeal senses had no truth to tell.

My husband helped me up, and I went to study the lesson for this week. I reached the sentence in the lesson from S&H 402:27-28, about when “belief is not better instructed by spiritual understanding.” The SCA concept of this sentence was, “Love is always present to lead us to the spiritual understanding, and keeps us safe from any false influences.”

So I was in Sunday School this morning for the first time in two weeks, and was able to play the hymns at the piano. I was so grateful for this glimpse of the spiritual fact coming to thought, right when material sense would try to say otherwise.

Continuing to work through the chapter on “Christian Science Practice,” and studying the SCA sections of the lesson.

Thank you so much.


* * *

Having been exposed in Class to the 4 different levels of thought to which Mrs. Eddy addresses the reader, I quickly resonated with this Blog Post (Four Kinds of Sentences). Thanks so much for the endless hours of research and prayer that went into this posting, and for expressing the discipline to put it into writing! Many people have moments of inspiration, but not everyone is selfless and willing to share their moments of “ah ha!”   GCM – California   

* * *

I must tell you how impressed I am with your website.

It is so well done in every way. I read well into the night Saturday, following your instructions. When I finally went to bed I had just started February’s blog.

Well thought out, clear, beautifully designed website, and the info is opening up a totally new world for me.

Praise God and thank you so much for being led to this wonderful site.   Anne

* * *


3 thoughts on “READERS WRITE”

  1. Loved spending time with your blog about Five steps. I learned a lot including the difference between an asked for treatment and my daily, moment to moment correction of thought. I am grateful for the illustration of the five steps in clearly showing how our Pastors guide us in confronting the five senses’ false messages, subtle and not so subtle.

    Thank you for taking the time to share this with us! So grateful for your spiritually impelled ideas.

    Warmly, Tawny

  2. Thank you for your clear and loving explanation of the concept of 4. It is so fun to code my lesson and I find the passages come to mind more quickly and stay with me because of the concept coding. I am able to pray with the lesson ideas more consistently and am so grateful to be praying for myself, my family, my church, community, nation, world – All! I am so grateful for your grasp of the concepts and willingness to share with us.

  3. “His lord said unto him, Well done, thou good and faithful servant: thou hast been faithful over a few things, I will make thee ruler over many things: enter thou into the joy of thy lord.” Matt 25:21
    Very well done! I am very moved by your blog. Congratulations! Excellent photos too. Glad to read many are being blessed by your blog.
    “Spirit, God, gathers unformed thoughts into their
    proper channels, and unfolds these thoughts,
    even as He opens the petals of a holy purpose
    in order that the purpose may appear.” 506:18

    God bless, GW

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